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Hi there and welcome to my blog Nail-Beauty-Life, I am a Beauty/Lifestyle blogger and have been typing away on this blog since June 2015. I decided to set up this blog to help with my anxiety and give my own honest opinions on stuff, I also enjoy learning how to run a website and continue to learn whilst doing this.

A Bit About Me

My names Claire and I'm 32 years old, although I always get told I look young for my age and if I really am 32...but hey I can't help that I got the young looks haha but sometimes this isn't always a good thing. I'm originally from London and lived there for a good 26 years before deciding to up and move to Newport in South Wales, I lived in Newport for just over 3 years before moving back to London in 2016.

I'm a qualified Nail Technician which means I'm qualified to do both acrylic and gel nails, although I prefer to do acrylic nails over gel, plus being able to do my own nails means I save myself a fortune when doing my own rather than paying someone in a salon to do them.

I have also just recently completed a Digital Photography course in which I received a Diploma for, which is the highest grade possible for this course. So I was really pleased with myself that I managed to get that.

Last Updated: 27th May 2018

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