5 August 2021

I miss blogging...

I miss blogging!

So 2 months after deciding I was quitting the whole blogging community, I've realised just how much I've missed it and that I really don't think I can give it up completley. I've put too much into this to just let it go!

The blog posts will be more lifestyle, skincare and small business related posts though as this is all I really do now. I will also be having a clean up of blog posts, basically removing some really old posts that literally make no sense and are from back when I first started this blog haha. The layout will be staying the same as I've only just recentley purchased this pipdig theme and they dont come cheap!

I can't promise there will be x amount of blog posts each week as I know I can't commit to that just yet, but will be looking towards doing at least 1 post per week for now. I need to work this around the business and getting all the new stock ready for September so that is all ready to go.

August is usually a hard month for me due to it being the month my sister passed away suddenly, so we have the 2nd anniversary of that coming up on the 23rd, I along with my other sister are also arranging a gender reveal for my older sister so we find out the gender on the 18th August before it gets revealed to everyone else on the 21st August....so looking forward to that before sisters memorial barbecue on the 22nd August.



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