28 August 2021

August's Money Diaries


Monthly Money Diaries: Part 1

Since starting my own business I have had to start being really consious of what I'm spending and where I am spending money. This can be anything from business supplies, to daily bills and social media expenses, it really does all start to add up without you even noticing.

So for my first come back blog post, I thought I would start with one of blog post's that I like to read just lately, which is a money diaries to keep track of how much I spend in the month of August.....I was inspired by this blog post zoey olivias money diaries july 2021.

Week One: 1st - 8th

Laybuy: £35.23

Zilch: £31.02

Clearpay: £33.90

Roblox: £4.99 - This is monthly credits for my niece Daisy

Business Supplies: £63.90 - I needed to stock up on some more wax clamshells and quite a few oils as I was running low on quite a few things this month.

Click and Drop: £3.00 - I use online click and drop to pay for any orders that need posting from the website.

Weekly Total: £172.04 - I definetly need to get this total down next week, just seeing that written down makes me uneasy over how much has been spent in just the first week alone!


Week Two: 9th - 15th

Laybuy: £21.75 

Zilch: £11.62

Clearpay: £15.04

Click and Drop: £8.47 - Again this is business related and used to pay postage online for any orders placed.

Godaddy Yearly Domain: £11.99 - This is for my Kays Angel Scents Business Domain

Misc: £30.00 - Had my nephew's birthday this week, so this was money he was given for he's birthday instead of an actual present, that way he can buy what he wants with it.

Weekly Total: £98.87 - This week's total is a major improvement from last week's total, I was determined not to go over the £100 mark again and I actually managed it!


Week Three: 16th - 22nd

Laybuy: £21.75 - From next week my laybuy account will be fully paid off! Now to focus on my Zilch and Clearpay accounts.

Zilch: £19.79 - My Zilch account is mainly used for takeaways and amazon purchases haha, a few of the purchases on there tho are for bookings at window to the womb that my sister pays for.

Clearpay: £52.01 - I'm slowly getting round to paying off my purchases on clearpay, I mainly use this account to purchase business products which is why its always so high!

Business Insurance: £6.61 - I pay for my insurance on a monthly basis instead of yearly and this works for me at the moment instead of paying for it as one big yearly sum.

Godaddy Email: £4.99 - This is for the email address that connects to my shop, to seperate it from my personal email address

Misc: £60.00

Weekly Total: £165.15 - I always knew this week's total was going to be a high one, coming to the end of the month with more bills than usual to pay. Then we was planning my older sister's gender reveal & niece's 18th so had loads to sort out for that as well.


Week Four: 23rd - 31st

Laybuy: £9.63 - This is my laybuy payments all clear now, I officially owe nothing on there. It took me a while but I can finally say I don't owe a penny on there now.

Zilch: £18.45

Clearpay: £10.43

Ancestory: £19.99 - We have been researching into our family tree for a few years now, and now that the next lot of census's have been released I paid for 1 month access to Ancestory for us to see what else showed up on those census's, this will be cancelled next month though.

Amazon: £19.53 - Treated myself to some nail bits and also Dr Alex George's new book that I've been wanting for a while now.

Misc: £28.99

Weekly Total:  £107.02 - The end of every month is always going to be a high total for me, the only thing I don't include in this is the cost of the rent, cause let's face it, living in London is expensive haha!


Combined Monthly Total: £543.08

Business Profit: £246

So this all my monthly spend, which when its all written down really does look alot!  I must also add in though that I did make £246 in profit from the business this month which ain't too bad considering how slow sales have actually been just lately.




5 August 2021

I miss blogging...

I miss blogging!

So 2 months after deciding I was quitting the whole blogging community, I've realised just how much I've missed it and that I really don't think I can give it up completley. I've put too much into this to just let it go!

The blog posts will be more lifestyle, skincare and small business related posts though as this is all I really do now. I will also be having a clean up of blog posts, basically removing some really old posts that literally make no sense and are from back when I first started this blog haha. The layout will be staying the same as I've only just recentley purchased this pipdig theme and they dont come cheap!

I can't promise there will be x amount of blog posts each week as I know I can't commit to that just yet, but will be looking towards doing at least 1 post per week for now. I need to work this around the business and getting all the new stock ready for September so that is all ready to go.

August is usually a hard month for me due to it being the month my sister passed away suddenly, so we have the 2nd anniversary of that coming up on the 23rd, I along with my other sister are also arranging a gender reveal for my older sister so we find out the gender on the 18th August before it gets revealed to everyone else on the 21st August....so looking forward to that before sisters memorial barbecue on the 22nd August.


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