5 June 2021

Goodbye Blogging

After 7 years of owning this blog, the time has now come for me to say goodbye to the blog and blogging altogether. The clairejoanne blog has brought me some good experiences, worked with some good brands but for me it's no longer "fun" or "enjoyable" anymore, I see it as more of a chore when it comes to writing blog posts up and I just don't enjoy it no more.

I now run my own small business called Kays Angel Scents, which was set up in my sisters memory after she passed away very suddenly in August 2019, so for the past year I have been putting all my focus into building up the business and building up my customer base. 

This hasn't been easy and there have been times I have wanted to give up, especially starting up during lockdown and the wax melt/personalised items being a very over saturated market at the moment, which means sales haven't been the best over the last few months and I have struggled just to pay the website each month at times, but I am determined to carry on and make my sister proud.

This blog started out as just a little hobby for me when I was living in Newport, Wales for 5 years, it was originally called Nail-Beauty-Life before I rebranded as just ClaireJoanne as I felt like I outgrew the original name, but since moving back to London (been back here 5 years now) the whole blogging world just isn't for me anymore.

I also find the "blogging world" to be very 'clicky', so if you ain't a massive blogger whos getting paid ££££'s for each blog post, instagram post, etc, then you don't really get spoken to online or even acknowledged, and trust me I've tried to start conversations up with others and very rarely get a response haha.

So to now focus on continuing to building my self-confidence and focus on whats more important to me, the whole blogging part has to come to an end and I'm finally at that moment in time where I'm happy to let this part of my life go.

This web domain is paid up until next year, so it won't all dissapear straight away, but there will be no more updates. If you would like to support my small business social media accounts I will link them all here for you, would love to have you on board:


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