31 May 2021

Netflix Shows I've Been Loving

The last time I done a blog post regarding which shows I was currently loving on  Netflix was in February 2020....just before the worldwide pandemic started and the first lockdown came into place. Fast forward just over a year, and restrictions are slowly starting to lift and we can start to get back to some sort of normality.....or at least try to anyway.

I can imagine that Netflix has become some sort of lifesaver for a lot of us during lockdowns and has entertained us all in one way or another to stop us going completly crazy.

 So heres the programmes I've been loving lately:

 The Crown 

How did it take me so long to give in and watch this tv series?! I'll be the first to admit I'm not a big fan or the Royal Family in general (I like William, Harry and Kate and that's about it). I got hooked on this from the very first episode though and binged watch all the seasons in about 2 weeks, I seriously need another season of this very soon and I hope it is sooner rather than later! This really does give you more of an insight into what really happens behind closed doors with the Royal Family and how they actually live, it's a very interesting watch and one I would highly reccomend giving a watch.

Girls Incarcerated (Young & Locked Up)

This is a recent find for me, and it's about teen girls in Indiana who are too young for a normal prison so are sent to a juvenile correctional facilities as they try to turn their lives around whilst also struggling with conflict and heartbreak. Some of the girls I do feel sorry for that are in there, but then there is some girls who I actually can't stand and have got some serious attitude problems! Some of them I really hope they do manage to get their lives together and don't end up back in that place, as it really doesn't seem to do them any good everytime they end up going back in there.

The Vampire Diaries

This is one of those series that just never gets old but also one that I have never fully watched right till the very last episode, but this time I'm determined to finish it! I'm currently on Season 6: Episode 22 - so I'm getting through it quite quickly this time around, I think last time I only made it up to season 5 before I stopped watching it. I am fully invested this around though and tend to watch between 3 & 4 episodes everynight before going to sleep.

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