25 February 2021

R.I.P Milo


My Boy Milo

Devasted is all I can say at this moment in time!

Had my milo from the day he was born (my gizmo is he's mum), and 3 days ago you went missing and never returned home to us. It's not unusual for you to go wandering for a few days, but you always return for your food of a night time but this time we knew deep down something had happened as you didn't come back at all for your food.

It turns out you was hit by a car on the 24th February literally on the road we live on and killed, and you was left on the side of the road for someone to find you. Thankfully you was collected with diginty by a local council worker and taken back to the council depot to rest until your owner was found.

We had a feeling it was you when someone described the cat on a local group on Facebook, so I managed to contact the person who had collected you, who kindly went into work on hes day off to take a photo for me so I could confirm it was you.....and sadly it was.

You was a typical boy cat, big and fluffy and a such a gentle and loving cat, our home certainly won't feel the same without you and I'm sure the other animals will notice you not being here and it's fair to say you was the only male in this house with the rest of us being girls haha

Gonna miss you boy!


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