8 February 2021

Biggest Pet Peeve As A Blogger

Ad after Ad after Ad

Now I'm all for doing ad's on blogs and maybe getting a product or payment for the time and effort that goes into doing these posts, but when its literally constant ad after ad every single blog post it drives me crazy, even more so when the post doesn't fit in with any of the other blog's content.


I use to follow a few blog's/twitter accounts that I loved keeping up to date with and reading on a regular basis, but then it seemed all they was interested in doing was ad's all the time so I had no choice but to unfollow them. When I decide to follow a blog or subscribe to there newsletter, I do so because I'm interested in there own blog posts and not something they are being paid to promote, it kind of feels like some bloggers will promote anything if it's for free or money's involved if that makes sense


Don't get me wrong, I have done a few ad's on my blog before, but I will only do them if I feel it goes with what my blog is about and fits well. I no longer will accept a product or payment to advertise a makeup item as personally I hardly use anything these days, only beauty type item I would agree to is anything nail or skincare related, as for other ads they would need to fit in with the lifestyle/creative part of my blog.


How do you feel about seeing constant ads everywhere?


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