15 January 2021

4 Out Of 9 Days Of Isolation

Yep you read that right, I have had to self-isolate for the past 9 days due to having coronavirus symptoms with not being able to smell anything and having a bit of a sore throat as well.


So I thought if I kept a little log of each day and how I entertain myself by being stuck at home, that it would also make for a good blog post as well, but then again you might not even find this interesting to read either haha.

So here goes....

Day 1 || Today marks the full first day of having to isolate myself away from everyone, woke up this morning with a sore throat and felt like I hadn't drunk anything in days it felt that dry but other than that and obviously the no smell still, I felt completly fine. I have had to put a notice up on my shop's facebook page letting everyone know I can't dispatch any order until after the 16th January which is a bit of a pain, as I was well on my way of reaching my goal of getting an order every single day in January. Today has mainly just been a chill day doing not a lot, apart from bit of housework and watching Netflix, so nothing too exciting haha.

Day 2 || Today has been the laziest day I have had in a long time, I didn't really sleep that well last night and finally fell asleep about 6:30am, then woke up again about 8am....then must of fallen back to sleep again because the next time I looked at the clock it was just gone 1pm! I've literally had no motivation at all today to do anything even though there was so much that needed to be done in the house, so tomorrow I am gonna make sure I have a productive day and tick everything off my to-do list including taking some photo's of new products for my online shop.

Day 3 || Only 3 days into this whole isolation and I am already starting to go crazy being stuck indoors, I've cleaned and re-arranged the whole kitchen, already done two loads of washing and it's only 11am! I've even done the boring job of cleaning all my wax melt moulds for when I can get back to making them, now I'm on to the task of putting all my clothes away and having a de-clutter of all the ones that I no longer wear and I will pass these on to my oldest niece to have a look through to see if she wants any of them.

Day 4 || My results have finally come back....I've tested negative which is good! Which means I no longer have to self-isolate which I am over the moon with, three days of isolating is enough for me so I proper feel for all of you who have to isolate for medical reasons.....hats of to all of you!

Hope you are all keeping safe during this third lockdown, and looking after both yourselves and your mental health as I know some people are really struggling this time around with the whole locldown and not being able to see family and friends.


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