1 January 2021

2021 Hopes & Goals

The start of a new year always makes me want to set myself some new goals, to see what I can achieve if I put my mind to it. I was going to have a look back on what my 2020 goals were, but looking back for that particular post its clear that I actually forgot to even write it let alone publish it to the blog..oops!

So let's get cracking on with my hopes and goals for  2021...

Fight the last hurdle of my anxiety


Anxiety is a strange thing isn't it? One minute you feel like you can overcome any hurdle thrown your way, and then the next it almost seems impossible right? This year alone has been a really strange one for me, my confidence has grown in more ways than one and I can happily send voice notes to certain people without even thinking about it now, but then in some ways all these lockdowns and restrictions in place has stopped me doing so much that I wanted to do this year which has in some ways made my anxiety worse. So in 2021 I want to work towards more goals to overcome the final stage of my social anxiety, and make phone calls and possibly meet new people that I usually wouldn't....let's just hope lockdown and all these tier's don't stop this happening for me.

Grow Kays Angel Scents 


Since launching Kays Angel Scents back in September 2020, it has really given me something to concentrate on and build up from scratch. I personally make every item on my shop as well as do all the labelling myself as well, this takes up quite a bit of time in the evenings and I can sometimes be up till gone 2am even though I have a 5am alarm set the next morning. In 2021 I want to hopefully take my online shop over onto Etsy alongside my actual website and try and build up a customer base on there as well. Having this business to concentrate on has also helped my mental health so much, and doing it all in memory of my sister makes me even more determined to make it a success.

Bullet Journal & Planner

Bullet Journaling is something that has always interested me and I love having a good old scroll on Pinterest looking at how others plan there's out and decorate them. This year I have both a bullet journal and a separate planner as my planner will be being used for my personal goals and business goals, and then my bullet journal is for the stuff I don't mind others seeing and I will be sharing some pages of these over on my Instagram account. I am determined to keep up with my bullet journal this year and see it through for the whole year, instead of giving up with it after a few months haha.


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