15 January 2021

4 Out Of 9 Days Of Isolation

Yep you read that right, I have had to self-isolate for the past 9 days due to having coronavirus symptoms with not being able to smell anything and having a bit of a sore throat as well.


So I thought if I kept a little log of each day and how I entertain myself by being stuck at home, that it would also make for a good blog post as well, but then again you might not even find this interesting to read either haha.

So here goes....

Day 1 || Today marks the full first day of having to isolate myself away from everyone, woke up this morning with a sore throat and felt like I hadn't drunk anything in days it felt that dry but other than that and obviously the no smell still, I felt completly fine. I have had to put a notice up on my shop's facebook page letting everyone know I can't dispatch any order until after the 16th January which is a bit of a pain, as I was well on my way of reaching my goal of getting an order every single day in January. Today has mainly just been a chill day doing not a lot, apart from bit of housework and watching Netflix, so nothing too exciting haha.

Day 2 || Today has been the laziest day I have had in a long time, I didn't really sleep that well last night and finally fell asleep about 6:30am, then woke up again about 8am....then must of fallen back to sleep again because the next time I looked at the clock it was just gone 1pm! I've literally had no motivation at all today to do anything even though there was so much that needed to be done in the house, so tomorrow I am gonna make sure I have a productive day and tick everything off my to-do list including taking some photo's of new products for my online shop.

Day 3 || Only 3 days into this whole isolation and I am already starting to go crazy being stuck indoors, I've cleaned and re-arranged the whole kitchen, already done two loads of washing and it's only 11am! I've even done the boring job of cleaning all my wax melt moulds for when I can get back to making them, now I'm on to the task of putting all my clothes away and having a de-clutter of all the ones that I no longer wear and I will pass these on to my oldest niece to have a look through to see if she wants any of them.

Day 4 || My results have finally come back....I've tested negative which is good! Which means I no longer have to self-isolate which I am over the moon with, three days of isolating is enough for me so I proper feel for all of you who have to isolate for medical reasons.....hats of to all of you!

Hope you are all keeping safe during this third lockdown, and looking after both yourselves and your mental health as I know some people are really struggling this time around with the whole locldown and not being able to see family and friends.


6 January 2021

Creating A Vision Board in 2021



Creating A Vision Board


This year is the first time I have ever thought about creating myself a vision board so I can see on a daily basis what it is that I want to achieve this year. Usually I would just write a list down on my phone and then after a few days I would forget to look at it regularly to remind me of said goals, so I'm trying it with a vision board for 2021! 


My vision board is split into four different sections, with each section representing a different aspect of my life at the moment and throughout 2021, so let's take a look at what each section means to me.


Kays Angel Scents


Kay's Angel Scents is the small business that I set up in memory of my younger sister. It all only became official in September 2020 when I got insured and CLP compliant and offically launched the online shop. I really want to grow in custom this year and launch a few more scents to add to our online collection, to be able to offer something for everyone. I am also starting to branch out into personalised items as well, so hopefully those bits start to sell well too.

I'm currently offering a discount on any orders placed throughout January, so if you're feeling genorous and would like to place an order on www.kaysangelscents.co.uk, enter the code "POSTCODE15" for a 15% discount at the checkout.....I would be ever so grateful!


This is something I have a really hard time in doing, I've only just recently started getting comfortable in sending voice notes to certain people which is a really big thing for me and my anxiety. So my next step is to make a phonecall to someone I haven't before and then build up to doing more so I can get comfortable and not dread it everytime my phone rings.
I don't even know what it is about making a phonecall that I'm so scared about?! Will I run out of things to say? Will I go blank and not know what to say? I guess it's just a mixture of things really.

Social Anxiety really is a pain in the backside sometimes!



This part of my vision board isn't because I want major success in every little thing I do. I would just like to be successful in completing some of my goals this year, and being able to make my family proud that I have managed to overcome some of my fears.

I want to be confident in myself, find someone who accepts me for me and not just want they can get out of it for themselves.

I would also like to be successful with the small business and see it grow and reach milestones that I didn't think would be possible, my target at the moment is to completley fill in my postcode map, so fingers crossed I can get that all done this year as last year I only managed 20 postcodes, which ain't too bad I guess.



Lastly happiness......this is something I want more than anything this year, since losing my sister suddenly and unexpectedly I have always felt a sense of guilt everytime I start to feel happy and although I know that isn't what she would of wanted, I just can't seem to help it.

I want to be happy with both my online and offline life, I would like to do more things outside of my comfort zone and I would also like to focus more on both my blog and social media accounts.

As one of the quotes opposite says "A little progress each day adds up to big results" and that is going to be my motto for this year, take things slow and steady instead of fast paced, and hopefully I will see the progress that I am so longing for.



Have you ever made a vision board up before?

Leave me a comment and let me know what you are focusing on more in 2021, as I would love to find some new blogs to read, and see what all your goals are.


1 January 2021

2021 Hopes & Goals

The start of a new year always makes me want to set myself some new goals, to see what I can achieve if I put my mind to it. I was going to have a look back on what my 2020 goals were, but looking back for that particular post its clear that I actually forgot to even write it let alone publish it to the blog..oops!

So let's get cracking on with my hopes and goals for  2021...

Fight the last hurdle of my anxiety


Anxiety is a strange thing isn't it? One minute you feel like you can overcome any hurdle thrown your way, and then the next it almost seems impossible right? This year alone has been a really strange one for me, my confidence has grown in more ways than one and I can happily send voice notes to certain people without even thinking about it now, but then in some ways all these lockdowns and restrictions in place has stopped me doing so much that I wanted to do this year which has in some ways made my anxiety worse. So in 2021 I want to work towards more goals to overcome the final stage of my social anxiety, and make phone calls and possibly meet new people that I usually wouldn't....let's just hope lockdown and all these tier's don't stop this happening for me.

Grow Kays Angel Scents 


Since launching Kays Angel Scents back in September 2020, it has really given me something to concentrate on and build up from scratch. I personally make every item on my shop as well as do all the labelling myself as well, this takes up quite a bit of time in the evenings and I can sometimes be up till gone 2am even though I have a 5am alarm set the next morning. In 2021 I want to hopefully take my online shop over onto Etsy alongside my actual website and try and build up a customer base on there as well. Having this business to concentrate on has also helped my mental health so much, and doing it all in memory of my sister makes me even more determined to make it a success.

Bullet Journal & Planner

Bullet Journaling is something that has always interested me and I love having a good old scroll on Pinterest looking at how others plan there's out and decorate them. This year I have both a bullet journal and a separate planner as my planner will be being used for my personal goals and business goals, and then my bullet journal is for the stuff I don't mind others seeing and I will be sharing some pages of these over on my Instagram account. I am determined to keep up with my bullet journal this year and see it through for the whole year, instead of giving up with it after a few months haha.

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