3 July 2020

The Lockdown Tag

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I first saw this lockdown tag over on https://nicbakes.blogspot.com/ so be sure to go and check out her answers to this lockdown tag as well.

1 - Come on, own up, did you stockpile anything? 
Nothing at all, the only thing I did make sure to keep on top of though was all my medication as that is definitely something I can't be without. But food-wise, nope I didn't go all crazy like the world was going to end, I just got the essentials that I needed at the time.

2 - Have you discovered a new hobby?
I certainly have, well its more a case of making use of my digital photography qualification and design as well. I've been putting my time into designing personalised invoices and business cards, not only for myself but for a friend as well. I am also in the process of setting up my own little business in memory of my sister, which is why my blog and Instagram have been pretty quiet the last week or so (more so my Instagram).

3 - Where is the first place you will go once the restrictions are 100% lifted?
100% the beach, it's literally the only place I have wanted to go to for the past few months but for obvious reasons I have stayed away, by now I would have also done a trip back to Newport in South Wales to see friends and spent the day over at Cwmbran Boating Lake but obviously with the whole lockdown restrictions, that has had to be put on hold for now.

4 - Loungewear or normal clothes for a day of isolating?
This is a hard one for me, as some days I like to be proper cosy and just lounge about in my pyjama shorts and t-shirt, but then other days I like to put on a comfy pair of leggings and a top as it helps me to feel more productive and I tend to get a lot more done on those days as well.

5 - Have you been wearing makeup whilst staying at home?
Nope, nothing at all. I have been sticking to a skincare routine and just moisturiser throughout the day to keep my skin hydrated, and my skin has thoroughly thanked me for this as it is the best it looked in months!

6 - How many zoom quizzes have you done, and did you enjoy them?
Absolutely none haha. No one I know does Zoom calls or the quizzes on them so have had no invites haha, but that really doesn't bother me much to be honest.
"hope you have all been keeping safe during this pandemic"
7 - Did you give in to the hype and bake banana bread?
Not at all! Don't get me wrong I love banana bread, but during lockdown, I have mainly been baking Tottenham cake not only for ourselves but also for others and dropping it off at there doors. I have also made 2 birthday cakes as well as another chocolate cake just to practice, and it came out amazing.

8 - Were you still ordering takeaways, if you did, what was your first one?
I won't lie I did order a few takeaways during the lockdown and my first one was actually a Chinese. I know what you're all probably thinking that China is where the virus started out, but the people who run the Chinese takeaways have lived here probably there whole life and there food is always nice, so I have no problems with ordering from them.

9 - Has your blog/Instagram content had to change since lockdown?
Erm, I wouldn't say it has changed dramatically no, as my content is the stuff that could be done indoors but I have definitely taken a step back from posting as often as I usually would. I do want to get back into a routine of creating content tho, I'm just not sure what route I want to go down with it all at the moment though.

10 - Are you waiting for hairdressers to reopen or have you cut/dyed your own hair?
In terms of getting it cut, I am waiting to get it done by a hairdresser, as I was actually booked in to get it done the Friday before the lockdown and the appointment was cancelled which is understandable. As for dying my hair, I do that myself anyway so nothing has really changed in that sense anyway.

11 - Who have you missed seeing the most?
100% my niece Daisy, for those who have read the last few blog posts, you will know that my sister passed away suddenly in August 2019 and Daisy is her 9-year-old daughter. Obviously, Daisy now lives with her dad but because she has chronic lung disease she has had to be kept isolated during this pandemic, so we haven't been able to see her much or have her come and stay, but it's for the best and she is being kept safe just like my sister would have wanted!


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