14 July 2020

New Flavours From Niederegger

Niederegger Marzipan

Niederegger 2020 Flavours

If you have been reading my blog for some time now, you will already know that I am a massive fan of anything marzipan....if it's got marzipan in, then I'm a happy person. So when I was sent a package of chocolate-covered marzipan, I was one happy girl! Even happier when it contained some of there new flavours for 2020.

Niederegger always do the best selection of chocolates, and they certainly didn't disappoint this time either. From there mini bakery-style chocolates to there banana loafs as well and then you also have the bigger loafs in a selection of flavours as well.

Mini Bakery Desserts Selection

This is a perfect little selection that recreates a trip to a New York Coffee Shop so that you can get a little taste of everything that includes blueberry cheesecake, toffee, chocolate cupcake and also tiramisu. I found it so hard to choose my favourite out of this selection.....so I just enjoyed them all a bit at a time.....we all need a treat some times don't we?!

Chocolate Banana Mini Loafs

These I think were hands down my favourite's that were in the package I received, usually, I would say chocolate and banana just wouldn't work together, but these are just amazing! These start at a low price of just £4.50 a box and are definitely worth it, I can see myself buying some of these soon, maybe to put towards a little chocolate hamper for someone.

Niederegger Loafs

Niederegger Loafs
As always whenever I get one of these packages gifted to me, I always share it with a family friend who also loves marzipan, so I am pretty sure she has been enjoying the three loafs as those are what I gave her this time around. I did, however, enjoy the stick'n go bar that was in there as well, perfect for an on the go snack, or when you just want something as a little treat.

You can find all these products over on the chocolatesdirect website, where there is also a variety of other Niederegger chocolates.

*items in this post were gifted, but all thoughts are those of my own*


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