5 June 2020

My Monthly Goals For June

Monthly Goals For June

Firstly, how are we already halfway through the year!
I really do wish this year would slow down just a little bit, but saying that hopefully by the end of this year the coronavirus will have gone on its way and we can get life back to normal pre-lockdown.

So I thought I would get back into the swing of things, with one of my favourite posts to read on other blogs, my goals for June.....

Finish a TV Series
I've just finished watching all 5 seasons of Peaky Blinders on Netflix after it was recommended to me as a good watch. I'm so glad I listened because I was hooked right from the first episode, and think I watch all 5 episodes in just over 2 weeks, I really didn't want it to end, but as we know all good things must come to an end at some point.

So for June, I wanna watch another series, perhaps one that I've started in the past but never got round to finishing, I'm thinking either One Tree Hill (amazon prime), Gossip Girl or maybe The Vampire Diaries.

Are there any series you would recommend me to watch?

Plan Blog Content
I have really been struggling lately to come up with any kind of blog content, it's like my mind just goes blank the minute I sit down and try to write, it just doesn't happen. So although June might be a quiet month for my blog, I'm hopefully *fingers crossed* going to have quite a bit of content pre-written for July, that's the plan anyway!

I also am starting to learn more about SEO and going to be going through my whole blog a bit at a time and updating everything, so that is all SEO friendly and check that no broken links are going on anywhere, I'm also going to be updating some of the blog photos from when I first started blogging as they just ain't my style anymore.

I have just started getting back into posting over on my Instagram account, I've found a simple editing process that I am really happy with and it keeps my Instagram looking very consistent. I am even thinking about using Instagram stories more, as it could be a way to help with my confidence, even if I don't show my face in them at first.

My Instagram hasn't been growing as much as I would have liked it too, and this is all my own fault where I haven't been posting regularly, and have very much abandoned it for weeks at a time. I put up a post a while ago, asking for advice good or bad on how I could improve on it, and I was really happy with the few comments that I received on that photo and I am working on the advice I was given as well.

What are your goals for June, leave me the links to your latest blog post 
in the comments section below.

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