4 May 2020

Monday Moments #13

Hey there, it’s certainly been a while since I did one of these blog posts, the last one was in fact back in April 2019, which let's face it is well over a year ago now! I swear this year is just flying by, even with this whole lockdown thing happening.

So let me start by saying I will definitely be getting back into doing these on a monthly basis, as I actually miss doing my little catch-up blog posts like this, and letting you know what's been happening in my life just lately.

One || Beating Anxiety
This is something I never in a million years thought I would even be able to type up in a blog post let alone do what I have been doing to try and beat anxiety and everything about it. The one thing about living with anxiety is that it can sometimes make you scared to even do the smallest of things, for example: making a telephone call or sending a voice note, things like that.
Well over the last few weeks, I have really been pushing myself to gain the confidence to do those kinds of things, and I can happily say I have managed to send voice notes to three different people and can now do those without even thinking about it and getting nervous which is something I am really happy about, it may seem like something stupid to most people, but to me, its a really big deal and I’m really proud of myself about it.....next stop is getting a phonecall done, now that’s scary!

Two || Orange Is The New Black
Firstly all I can say is, how come I never started watching this sooner! Netflix has been my lifesaver throughout the past few weeks, and I have literally been binge-watching this of a night time. I am just about to start Season 6 of this, and I think by the time I get to the end of Season 7 I am going to be gutted that I won't have it to watch anymore. I absolutely love the ones who play Nicky and Poussey, their characters are brilliant and the way they come across in the series is really good as well. If anyone has other recommendations of series like this, then please do let me know as I am going to need something else to binge watch very soon!

Three || Self Care
If you are a long term reader of my blog, then you would know that one of my goals for 2020 was to do a bit more self-care and have a good old pamper session one day every week. In my last blog post, Lockdown Pamper Session, I shared with you a couple of products that I have been using to take a bit more care of my skin. I have been loving taking a good hour or so at the end of the week, to give myself a nice face mask and chill out with reading a book or painting my nails and just relaxing ready for another week ahead. During this pandemic and lockdown, it's always a good idea to look after your mental health as well as your physical health, so taken a bit of time out for yourself is always welcome.

I do usually do at least five parts to these Monday Moments blog posts, but with being at home more often just lately, there really isn’t much else I feel needs adding to this blog post at the moment.

I hope you are all keeping safe and well during this crazy time.

Claire x

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