24 May 2020

Currently Reading

The past few weeks/month's I've really been getting into the habit of reading daily, whether that be in the morning when I wake up, or an hour or so before I go to sleep. I tend to switch between my Kindle and physical copies of books....there's just something satisfying about holding an actual book and seeing how far into the pages you have got through.

So far I currently have one Kindle book and one physical book on the go and seem to alternate between these every other week, I also have a more recent book purchase that I haven't yet started but definitely looking forward to having a read of it. So I thought I would share with you the books I have been reading so far, and my thoughts on them as well.....

The Time Travellers Wife 
This has got to be one of my favourites books that I have read this year so far, I really didn't want it to end but as we all know, all good books must come to an end at some point. I think I really need to watch the film of it now to see if it is as good as the book, we all know tho that sometimes books are better though.
It follows the love story between Clare and Henry who both meet when Clare was just six and Henry was thirty-six, but then get married at the ages of twenty-two and thirty. Henry suffers from a rare condition where he's generic clock periodically resets and he finds himself pulled into either he's past or he's future, I won't give too much away but if you haven't already read this book then I would definitely put it on my list of recommendations.

The Grief Survival Guide
This book is my most recent purchase and is by Jeff Brazier, who most of us will know that he has brought he's 2 boys up after they lost their mum Jade Goody to cancer, obviously 8 months on from losing my sister and I'm still grieving every day but learning to cope with it now. So after I saw him promoting he's book over on Instagram, I knew it was something I definitely wanted to have a read of, so went straight on and ordered it. I'm hoping this book with give me some different ways on how to cope with grief but also still remembering my sister and everything about her (not that I will ever forget her).

They Can't Hear Me Cry 
This is the book that I'm reading on my kindle, it's a really easy read and something you can pick up easily right from where you left off. It's a book full of little short poems all regarding anxiety and depression and is a really good way just to pass some time when you need to. There's not really much else to say about a book of poems, it's definitely one that gets you thinking though which is a good thing.


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