14 March 2020

Keep Hydrated With Waterdrop

 waterdrop, hydrated, water, drinking cubes, microdrink*Items in this post have been gifted, but all opinions are my own

If there's something I really fail at and that is the amount of water I don't drink, I really should be drinking more than one little bottle per day, but plain water is just so boring ain't it, which in turn makes it so hard to drink even though it benefits your skin and health loads.

So when an email from Waterdrop found its way into my inbox and they wanted to send me a little package, I was more than happy to agree, only after I read what they were about and what waterdrop stands for, and it really appealed to me and was something I was generally interested in.

So firstly I bet you're asking "what is waterdrop"?!

Waterdrop is the taste of both natural fruits and plants to enhance the best drink, which is pure water. It also includes valuable vitamins as well as being zero sugar and all packed into a tiny microdrink, which is good for those that are on the go but still wanting to keep hydrated throughout the day.

waterdrop, hydrated, water, drinking cubes, microdrink

So far I have tried the Focus drink microdrinks and also the Defence microdrinks and they definitely do make drinking water that little bit easier as it gives it a subtle hint of the flavours without being too overpowering like some flavoured waters can be.

The other thing that I really like about this company as the bottles that they sell aren't all made of plastic, the actual bottle is glass and comes in a variety of designs which can be used over and over again! In each box of drinking microdrinks, you get 12 individually packed microdrinks, so they are easy enough to carry around in your bag throughout the day whenever you feel like you want to add some flavour to your water.
waterdrop, hydrated, water, drinking cubes, microdrink

Waterdrop comes in a variety of flavours which each have a variety of healthy vitamins which are listed below:

- Clean: juniper berry - stinging nettle and herbs

- Glow: mango - cactus fruit - artichoke

- Youth: dandelion - ginseng - peach - ginger

- Zen: lemongrass - starfruit - white tea

- Relax: aronia - hibiscus - acerola

- Boost: acal - blackcurrant - elderflower

- Defence: cranberry - rosehip - moringa

- Focus: lime - acerola - baobab

*All items included in this blog post were gifted to me, but all thoughts and opinions are all my own

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