14 January 2020

♥ 2020 Goals ♥

This blog post is only fourteen days late as we are already well into January 2020, but hey it's better late than never right?! This year I decided just to set myself four small goals that I know will be achievable if I put my mind to it, so I thought I would share them on my blog so I can look back at them at the end of the year to see how I've done, and more so if I managed to achieve them.

More Self Care

To start off a new year, I am gonna be focusing the month of January taking more care of myself, both physically and mentally. I am gonna make sure I have a little pamper session each week which will include face masks, hair masks, doing my nails and all that sort of stuff. I have so many products that I want to start using and what better time to do it than the start of 2020.

Goodreads Challenge

Last year over on GoodReads I set myself a challenge which was to read 20 books by the end of 2019, I done pretty well and managed to read 14 out of 20 which ain't bad for me considering what our family went through. So for the year of 2020, I am gonna do the exact same challenge and start from scratch, and now that I have the Kindle app on my phone I will hopefully be able yo complete it this year!

Blog More

I am really looking forward to getting back into writing more for my blog this year and really start putting more effort into producing blog content that I am proud of. I have so many ideas going round in my head with what I want to post, so I need to start putting my plans into actions and just get it done, and hopefully, those that read my blog will enjoy the new content.

Work On My Social Anxiety

It's no lie that I suffer really badly with social anxiety, and it is something I have talked about over on my blog before, which you can see that post in full here. This year though I am determined to work on improving my social anxiety and start doing stuff that gets me out of my comfort zone, I made a promise to my sister when I went to see her in the chapel of rest, and put a letter in with her next to her hand which only me and her will know what was written in that, and I am determined to keep my promise to her no matter how long it takes.


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