1 December 2019

December Goals

1 - Memory Tattoo
I've finally decided on the tattoo that I am going to be getting done in memory of my sister, I am already booked in with the tattoo place with a date and time and one of my sisters closest friends is coming to have hers done at the same time as me which I am looking forward to. I myself now class her as a close friend of mine as well as she has been there for me right since the morning of my sister passing away suddenly.

2 - Make That Phonecall!
Suffering from really bad social anxiety means the idea of me making a phone call is my idea of complete hell! But I made a promise to my sister in the chapel of rest and in my part of the speech at her funeral that I would try my hardest to get that call done by the end of the year, and I'm really hopeful that I can do it as well and make her proud of me!

3 - Declutter
With the end of 2019 nearing closer than ever, it's now time for me to start slowing decluttering everything ready for a fresh year, this means decluttering all my beauty drawers and any other random place where I just seem to store random bits and pieces. The year 2020 is gonna be the year where I really do start cutting back on everything, and only purchasing stuff if it's really necessary and I know I will get usage out of it. This will also include using up all the beauty stuff I own or possibly even donating anything that I either haven't opened or just hasn't been used at all. This will also include a digital declutter...starting with all these junk emails!

4 - Be More Active Online
The last few months have been really tough for me and I've really struggled both physically and mentally, therefore I have taken a step back from social media and my blog for a little while. I am hoping to get back into being more active online throughout December though and get my blog and Instagram back to how I like it, and really start enjoying it more instead of feeling an immense amount of pressure to post what seems to be popular at the time!


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