15 November 2019

Happy Birthday To You In Heaven

My birthday message to you in heaven
This took me a while to write through the tears but this is just the start of what I need to say to you...

Happy 31st Heavenly Birthday Sis, will miss you always!

Today would have been your birthday,
Today you would have turned 31,
Today you would of planned a big party,
Today you would be celebrating with friends,
Today you would be celebrating with family
Today you would have been getting ridiculously drunk.


Today we will be visiting your resting place,
Today we will leave you fresh flowers,
Today we will send balloons up to heaven to you,
Today we will celebrate for you instead,
Today we know your there but we can't physically see you,
Today you should be here not up there.

I will miss you more than you can ever imagine, life just ain't the same since you got taken from us suddenly!


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