16 October 2019

Life Update

I've been very quiet over here on my blog for quite a while now, and as you can probably tell from my last blog post it was because my younger sister passed away suddenly, without no warning at all.

So for today's blog post, I thought I would just give you a little update on what has been happening with my life just lately, and hopefully, usual blog posts will resume very soon!

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Death of younger sister...
My younger sister who is three years younger than me sadly passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on 23rd August at 7:52am, we lost her to a cardiac arrest caused by a massive heart attack due to an undiagnosed heart condition that neither herself or any of us knew she had. She leaves behind an 8-year-old daughter (my niece) called Daisy, who understandably is devasted at losing her mum, but along with Daisy's dad, we will give Daisy the best upbringing we can and never let her forget her mum! So far we have raised £3192 through Daisy's Healthy start GoFundMe page, to give Daisy a good start in life, the life my sister would have wanted for her.

Two new tattoo's...
In memory of my sister over one hundred of us had her dancing Dorito tattoed on us what she designed herself when drunk. I had my "dancing Dorito" tattooed on my right wrist with her initials 'KW' above it, and then on my left wrist my sister's daughter drew a "dancing dip" so I ended up getting that tattoed on me as well, because as my niece would say "you can't have the Dorito without its dip" haha.

Nail Tech Buisness...
After nearly four years of not doing anything related to nails, I have finally decided to give things another go and restart my nail buisness hopefully and put my qualification to use. I used to do pretty well when I first qualified and was doing nails daily right up until I moved to Wales (Newport), but I've been back in London four years now and its time to get back to it. So I am slowly starting to restock all my equipment that is needed, and then I just need to think up a name for it to go by, as "Clairey's Nails" is a bit too plain I think. I really can't wait to start experimenting with different nail designs and colours.

Claire Does Designs Buisness...
Claire Does Designs is a shop I opened up on Etsy and so far I only have custom digital portraits as well as my pinkalina stickers for sale, I am currently in the process of designing some small prints and hopefully, I will get my first Etsy sale from them as soon as I get them listed. The prints are going to be in packs of three and at a really affordable price until I get some more experience in designing and printing.


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