17 August 2019

Meet Lulu the Chihuahua

If you already follow me over on Instagram, then you would all ready know that we have recently added a new member to the family, in the form of a little chihuahua called Lulu, as I couldn’t help but post a photo of her over on there. She has been with us for just over a week now, and it's actually quite hard to think of her not being here as she has fitted in so well to the family already, even if she's refusing to let the cats into the house at the moment!

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Lulu is a full breed chihuahua and she is two years old, she will be three on the 6th December. We were originally considering getting a puppy as a little friend to our other dog Lana, but when a friend of my sisters had to rehome her chihuahua due to her health and lulu’s fur wasn’t helping either we just knew she was the dog for us.

As soon as we saw a picture of Lulu we fell in love with her and decided we would rehome her and welcome her into our family, and it also meant that lulu’s old owner could still see her whenever she wanted aswell.

Lulu is such a little character and has a lovely personality of her own, she loves nothing more than to snuggle up with you, and when it comes to feeding time she won't touch her food until my other dog Lana’s food is dished up, its like she has to wait so they can eat together at the same time.

chihuahua, dog, breed,

Lulu loves having some playtime with her toys and also her elephant teddy (even if she has already pulled one of its tusks off haha), loves a treat and has already figured out where the treats are kept, she’s smart haha. Another thing we recently found out over the last day or so is that she loves socks.....she will chase your feet if you have them on, so I have had to give her a pair of socks to play with and chuck about just to keep our own socks safe from her little teeth.

Hope you find her just as cute as I do, and I am pretty certain that there will be a lot more pictures of both of my dogs Lana and Lulu over on Instagram very soon!


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