21 August 2019

Dear Anxiety.....

I have been wanting to do a post like this for quite a while now, but could never really put words to paper on what I wanted to say. It was only recently that I was sitting watching something online that I ended up just picking up a notebook and it all just came to me.

It's a kind of follow up from a blog post I did last year all about Social Anxiety and what it actually feels like to live with if you're interested then you can read that blog post HERE

So I thought I would share the little bit that I did come up with, and this is it...

17 August 2019

Meet Lulu the Chihuahua

If you already follow me over on Instagram, then you would all ready know that we have recently added a new member to the family, in the form of a little chihuahua called Lulu, as I couldn’t help but post a photo of her over on there. She has been with us for just over a week now, and it's actually quite hard to think of her not being here as she has fitted in so well to the family already, even if she's refusing to let the cats into the house at the moment!

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