19 July 2019

New Niederegger Marzipan Flavours

If you remember back in November last year, I was kindly gifted the Christmas products of marzipan by the brand Niederegger which you can read here, and just recently I was kindly sent some of the new flavours to have a taste of to see what I thought of them.

I really wasn't expecting these at all until the parcel arrived at my front door, I was actually having a pretty rubbish week so this parcel of marzipan really was a nice surprise to cheer my mood up a bit, so a big thank you needs to be said for sending me these!

marzipan, niederegger, chocolates direct, chocolate

There were quite a few items in this package, and some of them I was really excited to taste to see if they tasted as good as what they actually sounded.
marzipan, niederegger, chocolates direct, chocolate
First up we have the Emoji Pack which consisted of eight marzipan chocolates in an assortment of flavours. Inside this box is 2x Nut Praline Loaves, 2x Orange Marzipan Loaves, 2x Marc De Champagne Truffle Loaves and finally 2x Classic Mini Loaves.

The next gift pack is the Black & White Mini Loafs, these are pieces of white and dark chocolate covered in crunchy dark chocolate, and there are eight mini loaves in this box, which is perfect for those who love dark chocolate.

In the Marzipan Desserts Selection Box is 16 mini loaves which are the perfect size for a little treat after any meal. These flavours include Caramel Brownie, Cheesecake, Double Chocolate as well as Vanilla Toffee mini loaves, this pack would also make a lovely gift for any marzipan lover.
marzipan, niederegger, chocolates direct, chocolate
And lastly in the package were two of the marzipan bars, in the flavours 'Coffee Orange' and 'Strawberry Cheesecake', the strawberry cheesecake was the one that I was most excited about trying as I love anything that tastes like a cheesecake (how many times can I say cheesecake haha).

I can say it didn't disappoint me, it tasted amazing! If these bars come in every single cheesecake flavour I think I would actually buy the lot because it was that nice. I wasn't too keen on the coffee orange one, it's not that it was horrible it just wasn't to my taste.

I did also again share some of these with a family friend like I did last time, as there was no way I was gonna be able to eat them all myself haha.

I was sent these items for free, but all opinions are entirely my own as always.
All these products are available over on the Chocolates Direct website.


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