10 June 2019

Taking A Step Back From Social Media

I have been wanting to do this post for a while now, but couldn't figure out why I was wanting to take a break from social media, or even for how long exactly until now. It's mainly been my blog and Instagram that I have taken a little break from and hopefully, I will be able to get back into the swings of things by next week, but there's no set time limit for me to do that just yet.

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When it comes to social media over on my Instagram account, it was all starting to feel a little bit too much and like there was a load of added pressure to keep a certain theme and looking a certain way, as well as only posting photos that actually fitted in with my theme. Also seeing how other Instagrammers accounts was growing daily, whilst little old me here was losing followers by the hour!

Don't get me wrong I know it isn't all about the numbers, but when your putting hours into taking photos, editing them, finding the perfect flat lay setup as well as buying props for your photos, you would like to think it was all worth it and when it starts to show that its not, that's when the pressure starts building up.

At the time of writing this my last post to Instagram was on the 27th May and I was at 403 followers, fast forward to today (10th June) and I am down to 373 which is quite a big drop in numbers for me considering it took me forever to get to just 400 haha. I know this is probably just down to me not being active over on there lately which hasn't helped but still lol.

I think when I next post to my Instagram account I wont be sticking to my "white theme" anymore, and I will post what I want to post rather than following the latest trends!

What are your thoughts about Instagram?
Do you think it's got better or worse over the last few months?


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