2 May 2019

My Four Goals For May

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Visit Wales
Since I moved back to London, I have only been back to Newport once to visit and do a bit of shopping, but this month (the 4th to be precise) I am going back again for another visit and to finally meet my old next door neighbours little girl Pink and I can't wait to meet her and see the other girls aswell.

We are also going to go over to Cwmbran for a spot of shopping, hello Tiger and Home Bargains, oh how I have missed those two shops (you know you're getting old when it's bargain shops that you miss haha).

Invest in a decent layout
Don't get me wrong I like the layout of my blog at the moment, but I'm just not loving how it looks on the homepage just because it looks a bit out of proportion as to how it looked in the preview of it before I brought it. I have seen a really nice theme that I really want to get and I have been looking at it for the past 2-3 days now, but I think I am actually going to purchase it and get it all up and running. I also really want to improve my whole blog exterior and how it looks to other people and possibly even start sharing it over on my facebook page aswell.

More Blog Content
I have been really uninspired the past few weeks when it has come to writing, but I do have a whole list of posts that I would like to get finished and published this month. So hopefully when I have a whole day free to myself, I will be able to sit down and just write them all up and then I will just need to focus on the photo parts for them. In April I only managed four blog posts, so let's see if I can get that up to six this month.

Read Two Books
I have done pretty well since January when it has come to reading and getting through my stack of books, for the month of May though I am aiming to read another two books that are currently stacked up on my pile. I have promised myself I won't buy any new ones until my book pile is down to at least 2 or 3 books haha.


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