27 May 2019

May Glossybox: Unboxing

I am quite late with this Glossybox blog post this month, but even though it is coming to the end of the month and the new box will be being dispatched soon, I didn't want to miss out on this one as I haven't really seen many posts about it this month.

Having no proper internet at home at the moment has meant that I am unable to post as many blog post's as I would have liked to this month, hopefully, June will be a better month for me blog-wise.
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So let's get stuck into this blog post and show you what I received in the May glossybox...

Mudmasky - Aftermask Vitamin Serum
It was only the other night that I decided my skin needed some serious TLC as I really haven't been looking after it that well just lately, as I was searching through my stock of masks, I remembered about this and applied it to my face after I had washed my face mask off, although it left my skin feeling really nice and soft I don't actually know what other benefits it was supposed to have?!

Annabelle Minerals - Rose Mineral Blush
This was a bit of a meh reaction when I saw this in my box, maybe it will look different when it is applied but at the moment I ain't really a fan of the colour when I tested it out on the back of my hand. It's probably an amazing product when used correctly, and I've no doubt that if I decide not to use it then someone else will.

Beauty Kitchen - Natruline Lip Treatment
This product is just like a pot of vaseline but under a different name, I have been using this daily though as if there's one thing that I cannot handle and that is having dry lips. This leaves your lips feeling really soft and hydrated and I can see myself using this for the next couple of months, or until it does a disappearing act on me haha.

Barry M Cosmetics - Chisel Cheels Contour Cream Kit
I'm not really a fan of cream contour kits, so I don't actually think I will get any use out of this product, but I do know this is something my oldest niece would definitely use, so I may pass this one over to her save it going to waste. I do love the brand Barry M though, as most of my nail varnishes are by them and are some of my favourites.

Nailberry - Love Me Tender Nail Polish
I was so happy to see nail polish in my May glossybox, I recently had quite a big clear out and gave away and also threw away quite a lot of my nail polishes as I just wasn't using them or I kinda grew out of the colour they were. This is a gorgeous muted pink kind of colour and is perfect for everyday wear, I love the size of the bottle as well and will definitely be looking into adding this brand into my collection very soon.


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