8 May 2019

A Rant To An Inanimate Object

Hey there bed, you look so comfy and inviting when I am tired, but my god you proper annoy me when I am trying to tidy up! I always end up stubbing my little toe or my shin on the edge of you if I’m walking past and I forget that you are there, you leave me with bruises galore. It bloody hurts for that 1 minute that seems like 5 minutes, I know you don’t mean to hurt me because let’s face it I put you there and you can’t move out of the way....in fact, I am just really clumsy and walk into everything.

Then there are the times when I actually love you and can’t wait to lay in and get all comfy under the covers and watch whatever is on tv, or maybe even a film on Netflix. I also love the fact that you are a king size bed so i can just stretch right out and not be squashed into a corner so I don’t fall off haha, even the dog and three cats love to sleep on you during the day, especially when the heated blanket is up on full.

I am actually sitting all cosy on you right now whilst I type up this blog post about you, one of the cats is also sound asleep at the bottom of the bed aswell.

So to wrap up this post it goes to say that I have a love/hate relationship with you, I hate you when I stub my toe on you, but then I love you when it comes to being able to sleep somewhere comfortable of a night time!


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