4 April 2019

Throwback Thursday: Childhood Memories

Throwback Thursday's are usually the kind of posts you come across over on Instagram, with it being an image of an old photo from a long time ago. I was laying in bed the other night thinking of types of blog posts that I could look into doing, and I came up with doing a throwback Thursday style post but instead of using images I thought I would do it in a list style post on childhood memories.

Saturday Morning TV
This is a fond memory that I always have from my childhood, getting up every Saturday morning just in time for sm:tv and cd:uk. I used to watch those programmes without fail every Saturday morning without fail, they were two of my favorites. I was even on sm:tv at one point aswell, standing up on the stair part above where the presenters were sitting, them being Ant and Dec aswell as Cat Deeley. Unfortunately, I was too young at the time to be in the audience for cd:uk, as you needed to be of a certain age back then.

Thinking You Was Rich With £10
Do you ever remember getting pocket money at the weekend and literally thinking you were loaded?! Or was that just me haha. Whether it was £5 or £10, it always made us feel like we could buy loads of things (oh how I wish that was the case now lol). I remember us all going out to play and ending up at the shop where we would buy 50p mixups, drinks, and basically just a load if crap.....oh and when you could come out the shop still with a load of change! If I have £10 in my pocket now, I'm basically poor, there's certainly no way I think I'm rich these days as a tenner gets you bloody nowhere in life haha.

Having No Bills Or Responsibilities
Oh how I wish this could have carried on into later on in my life, but no the minute you turn 18 is where the bills all start coming in, whether that be having rent to pay, phone bill or any other bill that you find yourself with. I was a bit stupid when I turned 18 and got catalogues and a phone contract out thinking I would be able to afford to pay it all every month, turns out its not that easy and I got myself in debt....which thankfully most of it is paid back now. Back when your younger you think all the "adults" in your life have got it easy, you don't actually realize how much they may be struggling to make sure their kids are fed and you have a roof over your head, it's something I definitely appreciate now that I am older.


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