8 April 2019

Monday Moments #12

Monday Moment #12

I haven't done one of this type of blog posts since back in December, and I think this is mainly because I haven't really had much to share in a Monday Moments blog post. I only do these once a month now, as I find if I do them more than that then my blog gets a bit repetitive and boring, wouldnt you agree?

One || Launching Pinkalina On Etsy
I finally got around to finishing off my first ever sticker set called 'Pinkalina', she is a gorgeous little piglet standing on a white sign that I have left blank so that whoever buys these stickers can write there own wording on them. I am really happy with how these turned out, they are drawn by hand then printed and then again cut by hand aswell, as I can't afford my own sticker cutting machine just yet.

I have six sets of these sticker sets up on my Etsy shop and each pack includes six little pinkalinas, I have only started with six sets just to see if they actually sell *fingers crossed they do* - If you would like to purchase a pack to help me get my first Etsy sale, then you can do so by clicking here: 

Two || Growing My Pinterest
Over the past couple of weeks, I have really been upping my game when it has come to Pinterest, I've spent a lot of time organizing my boards (full blog post here) and have noticed an increase of views that is growing daily. I can quite easily spend at; least 1-2 hours every night adding to my Pinterest boards and re-pinning other pins aswell, I have also learned quite a few things to do with marketing and how to get the best out of my blog.

Three || Becoming An Auntie...twice nearly
A few weeks ago my older sister found out she was expecting another baby, and then the week after that my brother also found out he was going to be a dad, which would have meant becoming an auntie twice in one year. Unfortunately, my sister had a miscarriage as the baby stopped growing around the 6 weeks mark, my brother, on the other hand, has just found out he's baby is going to be a little girl, so another girl in the family it will be.

Four || Another Book Complete
I managed to finish another book this month which I am quite happy about, I was reading 'Some Kind Of Wonderful' by Giovanna Fletcher. I love her style of writing and really enjoyed reading this book, the only thing I hoped for the book was that the book ended with letting you know who was waiting at the airport to meet Lizzy (Elizabeth) when she returned from her travels.

My reading goal for this year is 20 books in 12 months and I have also set this as my reading challenge over on my Goodreads account, as this helps me keep track of what I've read and how far into the book I am incase I ever lose my place. So far I have read 7 out of 20 books, and now moving on to my 8th book.

Five || Coinmaster
I swore to myself I wasn't going to download this game or get myself addicted to it, oh how wrong was I? I downloaded it a couple of weeks ago and have been hooked on it ever since, I'm currently on the LA Dreams map which I have near enough completed and out of the friends on my list I am number 10 on the leaderboard.


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