28 March 2019

Nail Of The Week Ft Barry M

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Oh hello there painted nails, it's certainly been a while, hasn't it?
It's also been a while since I have done any sort of nail related blog post since rebranding my blog and changing the name of it.

I recently purchased the peel off topcoat by Barry M, as I kept on looking at it every time I saw it and just wasn't sure on how it would actually work if it just 'peels off'. I thought it would come straight off even if it got a bit wet haha, in the end though I added it into my basket when I did a bit of an online shop over on lookfantastic.com.

I then couldn't decide which color to paint my nails as I have so many colors on my nail polish stand, but in the end I went with my trusted Pink Lemonade shade, which is a really pale pink shade, perfect for spring/summer seasons when you only want a touch of color on your nails and I also used the shade Socialite which is a pinky/purple glitter one for my accent nails which I absolutely love!

The topcoat I mostly tend to use is the Daylight Curing one, again by Barry M, as I find this drys in less than 2 minutes which is something I need as I tend to end up smudging my nails if I use any other branded topcoat.

I tend to find nail polishes by Barry M seem to last much longer on my nails than any other brand, I'm not sure why though, but I definitely ain't complaining haha. My nail polish stand is completely full up now, so I have promised myself I will not purchase any more until I have used some of the ones up that I already have......that's not to say they can't be brought by someone else for me as a gift hahaha.

I would love to hear what your favorite brands of nail polish are, let me know in the comments below?


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