March Glossybox: Unboxing

23 March 2019
March Glossybox Unboxing

This month's Glossybox is all about Empowerment, and it says "Now it's time to focus on yourself and recognize your own strength and beauty" which I think is a brilliant reminder to tell anyone who needs to focus on themselves a bit more.

I'm a bit late with this months Glossybox post, just due to my migraines getting the better of me for quite a few days, but now that it's decided to finally do one I have got a mountain of stuff to catch up on before the end of the month.

So here's what was inside my Glossybox this month...

Bella Pierre - Kiss Proof Lip Creme (Rosy Pink)
I loved the look of this product, but the color I received just wasn't me at all, I personally prefer more nude shade colors rather than in your face bright colors. I was going to pop onto the facebook group to swap it with someone else but then decided that my sister would like this shade instead, so I am going to pass this on to her to get some use out of.

ByBi - Plumper Lip Balm
This was a product I was really looking forward to trying, as I love a good lip balm for myself and thought this sounded really good.....until I read the ingredients of it. As soon as I opened it I could smell the scent of Chili, so I checked what it actually was and it was a mix of both peppermint and chili. I can't stand either the smell or the taste of chili so this one had to be a pass for me, so far that is two of the five products I have given away this month.

Laritzy Cosmetics - Dew Pot
I love these little pots of highlighters and especially love the color I received this month, I think in the summer weather this will look really nice when the light catches it. I have had a previous highlighter from the same brand, and a little bit really does go a long way, so you definitely get your money's worth from this.

Essence - Gym Proof Primer
I can't say I own many primers as the ones I have had in the past have always made me break out where they just haven't agreed with me at all. I have been trying this out for about a week now and so far my skin seems to be liking it a lot, and for just £3.50 for the full size, it's a really affordable primer to keep repurchasing over and over again.....which I think I may well be doing.

Lavera - All-Round Cream
Give me a good moisturizing cream and I am a happy bunny haha, I get really dry skin every now and then so definitely need a good moisturizer to keep my skin hydrated throughout the day. I love the fact that this is in a small tin so it's easy to carry around on me just in case I need a top-up of it for whatever reason, I think I may even purchase the full product once this has been used up!

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