11 March 2019

How I Grew My Pinterest Views

I've always loved spending time having a little look through Pinterest, usually when I'm laying in the bed of a night time and just want to find some inspiration for my blog, or things to draw. It's only been the last few weeks that I've really put an effort into arranging and organizing my Pinterest and boy have I noticed a difference in my views on there!

- Board Organisation

I started off by going through all my Pinterest boards, and the ones that only had a couple of images saved I put those boards to private so I could sort those ones out last and focus on the boards that had the most content in. I decided I wanted the overall look of my Pinterest to be quiet clean, so that when someone visited my profile they weren't shoved into a world of colorful pictures straight away, now don't get me wrong I've still got some sorting out to do but I am loving the way it is all starting to look now.

- Daily Activity
If there's one thing I have learned through improving my Pinterest account, and that is being active on a daily basis. I started off by making sure I re-pinned at least 20 images a day, but now am aiming to repin at least 5 images to each of my boards....and so far I currently have 30 boards which means I should be re-pinning at least 150 pins per day! I think the most I have managed is 50 pins in a day so I am working on it slowly.

- Sort Into Sections
I then categorize my boards and then put sections inside the boards aswell, so for instance we will take my "iPhone Wallpapers" category and when you click into that, there aren't just loads of random images. It's all separated into 6 different sections as you can see below...

As you can see all my wallpapers I have saved each have there own section, so for example if someone finds my Pinterest and wants a Disney wallpaper they only need to click on the Disney section instead of scrolling through every single image. It just makes it so much easier to find what you're looking for by putting them into sections.

- Re-pin Other Pins, Not Just Your Own
Make sure you're also not just re-pinning your own pins that are linked to your websites, Instagram, Pinterest or any other social media, be sure to also re-pin other peoples pins aswell as this shows your happy to engage and promote their content aswell as your own. I love having a good look through other people's pins especially when it's something that I have a strong interest in, as it can really help with my writing when I'm struggling a bit and having a bit of the ol' bloggers block.

If you would like to see my whole Pinterest account in full, you do so by clicking the link below:


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