4 March 2019

A Recap Of February

Let's take a quick look on back on the month of February and see what three things stood out the most for me, I like to keep these kind of posts short and not make them too long of a read for you.

One || I finally got round to buying myself a set of the Alex drawers from Ikea, I have been wanting a set of these for years now and Ikea have just opened a brand new store down the road from me in Greenwich, and I couldn't be happier about it haha. all my beauty products are now all stored in my Alex drawers instead of taking up three drawers in the set of drawers for all my clothes, so everything looks so much tidier now......although I am tempted to get myself one more set to store all my stationery bits and pieces in aswell.

Two || February was also the month of my birthday, I'm not one to really celebrate my birthday but I did end up just going up to my sisters and ordering loads of pizza hut to be delivered. I've never been one to go on a night out as I don't really drink, so my ideal night is ordering a takeaway and chilling out watching something good on the tv...or netflix. My go to show to watch on Netflix at the moment is "Minute To Win It", it's like the UK version of The Cube and there is only 1 season and I've nearly finished watching it already.

Three || Lastly in the month of February I got to work with two brands on my blog, with one of them ending with four competitions. The first brand I got to work with was Sinivalia and Blended Valley (blog post) on some skincare and aromatherapy products, two of the products have all ready gone to two of the competition winners and the other two I haven't heard back from the winners yet. The second brand I got to work with was Prestige Flowers (blog post), who gifted me a flower bouquet from there Mothers Day range. I can say these flowers are still going strong and looking just as beautiful as when I first received them.


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