24 February 2019

Mothers Day Gifting With Prestige Flowers

prestige flowers, mothers day, flowers

For most of us the next upcoming day to celebrate is Mother's Day (31st March), whether your a mum yourself, or your buying for your own mum, you just can't go wrong with a gorgeous bunch of flowers can you? I know for a fact that my mum certainly likes to receive fresh flowers.

Prestige Flowers do some amazing bouquets of flowers, the flowers that are featured in this blog post are the "Lomond" bouquet, which are an assortment of sorbet roses, shamrock blooms, germini flowers and foilage. The bouquet gets delivered in a white box but when you open the box up, they are presented in a black box which make them stand out as soon as you open them. I love little touches to packaging like prestige flowers do, as you can tell they really take pride in the way they package there flowers.
prestige flowers, mothers day, flowers

When placing them in a vase, I followed what it said on the leaflet that came with it and removed any leaves that would be below water, aswell as cutting the stems down to size at a slanted angle. Now im certainly no flower arranger haha but I did try my best to get them looking rather pretty in a vase, and so far they are lasting pretty well and even some of the flower buds are starting to open up now aswell, which I can't wait to see what the flowers look like once they are fully opened.

Although I was gifted these flowers, I passed them onto my mum as a "early" mothers day present, but I am thinking of purchasing some more from Prestige Flowers when these ones start to die out so I can see what some of there other bouquet's are like. You just can't go wrong at all with a bunch of flowers!
prestige flowers, mothers day, flowers

Have you brought anything from Prestige Flowers?
If you have, which flowers did you purchase?


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