11 February 2019

February Glossybox: Unboxing

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Another month and another one of my trusted Glossyboxes arrives to my door for me to enjoy, I tend  to really like getting these boxes each month, it's like a special treat of beauty bits that I wouldn't usually think of purchasing myself.
I've already been a paying subscriber to Glossybox for over a year now and recently posted a picture over on my Instagram of a year with Glossybox, so that you can see for yourself what a variety of products that you do actually get each month.

This month it's all about love, so let's get into the blog post and see what I received in my box this month....

Huda Beauty - Lip Contour
I got this in the shade "Flirt" which I am really happy with, as the other shade which was "Venus" looks to be more of a red shade colour and anything red just doesn't suit me at all. I'm not too sure what I will use this with just yet, but it is definitely one that I will be keeping for myself as it is a colour that I actually do like.

Nails Inc - Status Ready Nail Varnish
This is probably my favourite item out of this months box....being a nail technician an all, we do tend to love anything to do with nails. I recently had a big clear out of all my old nail varnishes and was on the lookout for some new ones, so this has come in good timing for me to start building the Nails Inc ones up again.

Luxie Beauty - Medium Fan Face Brush
I really don't need another fan brush but I guess adding another one to my collection of them won't hurt haha, and if I don't end up using it what it is actually for, I guess it will make a good photo prop at some point right?.

Regenerate - Enamel Science Advanced Toothpaste
I received this in a previous Glossybox a little while ago and after using the last tube of it up, I can't say I was that big a fan of it, I wasn't keen on the taste of it and it just didn't make my teeth feel clean in the slightest. So this time round I think I will pass this on to someone else for them to try and save it being wasted.

Vitamasques - Rose Gold Dust Sheet Mask
Another sheet mask again to add to my ever growing stash of them that I currently have going on, I do love a good face mask but I really don't do them enough! This weather has really dried my skin out just lately though, so I do need to do a face mask at least once a week to keep my skin feeling hydrated and moisturised. So I am really looking forward to trying this one, maybe I will do it this week hmm......

Mugler - Alien His 'N' Hers
These his 'n' hers fragrances I have already passed onto my mum, as she loves the scent of them and for me they were just a bit too strong, I'm more a fan of sweet scented perfumes. I already have quite a few perfume samples that I am still trying to use up, so I really have no need for another two that someone else could make use of.


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