4 February 2019

A Recap Of January

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So finally January is over and is it just me or did January just seem to last forever, it just seemed to drag on for ages. I had planned for this blog post to be up on the 1st, but I just didn't have time to sit down and type it all up....even though it was already written up on my iPad.

So let's have a recap of what January meant for me....

One || I managed to read 4 books this month, how I don't know, because usually I only manage one or two. I just seem to be loving laying in bed of a night time and getting cosy with a book for about an hour before I go to sleep, plus I also promised myself I wouldn't purchase anymore books until I had read what was on my bookshelf and so far I have made a pretty good dent in what I already have.

Two || I finally got round to buying a new camera, it's nothing as fancy as the one I originally wanted but I wanted something smaller than my DSLR just so if I'm out walking the dog for instance, I can just pop the camera in my pocket incase I spot a photo opportunity. I paid just under £250 for the Canon camera but it was so worth it, it's so easy now just to transfer my pictures straight to my iPhone/iPad through wifi then having to put the memory card into my iMac.

Three || Procreate on my iPad Pro has meant alot to me this month, I've regained my love for digital drawings and cartoon style drawings aswell, I posted one over on my Instagram the other day which you can see here....but since then I have lightened the skin colour and added more shade and light to it. I am going to be putting these on sale over on my Etsy account this month, so if your interested in one priced at a offer of just £5.00 as a reader of my blog then just send me an email claire-joanne@outlook.com.

These are the three main things that I wanted to include for my recap of January, wanted to keep it short yet simple.

How was your January?


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