28 January 2019

Three Tips For Instagram

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I have always had a love/hate relationship when it comes to Instagram, I go through stages of posting everyday sometimes twice a day, and then other times down to posting just once a week. I then wonder why I keep losing followers instead of gaining any, it's basically because I just ain't putting the effort into it.

Just lately though I am really trying to put more of an effort into my Instagram, as it's the main social media platform of mine that I really want to focus on in 2019 and really try to grow and improve on it. So I thought I would share three of the main things to focus on that I have been reading up about to help me, and hopefully it will help you aswell.

Instagram Niche
When scrolling through loads of Instagram accounts you may notice that nearly all of them have there own style that really relates to them, and you can instantly tell who that account belongs to and what they are about and they really have found there niche.  So take some time and write down what things interest you and what kind of photographs you are instantly drawn to and just go from there, I am still yet to find my "niche" but it's something I am brainstorming ideas for, as you can see in the photo below...

As you can see I started out with six different topics that are related to my blog and I will end up with just three categories to stick to on my Instagram, and then hopefully that will help me stick to three Instagram posts a day. These categories may change over the next week or so whilst I am still getting my ideas together, and find what I like.

Instagram Theme
Most Instagram accounts these days tend to have a consistent theme running through them, my favourite accounts to follow are pink and white airy type of themes or themes with just a hint of colour, I just seem to be drawn to them haha. I hope one day to have a nice theme running consistently on my Instagram page, but at the moment I just can't seem to get the hang of it.
I do notice that the accounts that have themes to them, do tend to get more interaction and the larger following aswell.

You Do You
Lastly my favourite one of all....YOU DO YOU!
At the end of the day it's your Instagram account, so you do you and post the kind of photos that are of interest to you. You may find your follower count increases then decreases, for instance for every five followers you gain you may lose ten aswell, but it's all part of "finding your niche" as some would say.


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