19 January 2019

Organising & De-Cluttering: Clothing

Being organised and tidy is something I have always been a big fan of, it's the OCD part of me, but the last year or so though I have found myself not wanting to get rid of anything in my bedroom just incase I may need it in the next few months or so.

2019 is the year for me to change all that though and really start getting rid of everything that I no longer need, whether this be clothing, beauty or even random bits that have been sat in drawers and on shelves for months on end that I just haven't got around to using yet.

Over the next few months I am going to start decluttering the bedroom bit by bit. By doing this I am able to tackle each part one step at a time so that it's not too overwhelming, and hopefully by the end of it I will have a clean and minimalist looking bedroom, but for this to happen I am going to need to be really harsh with myself.

I have broken down the tasks into five simple steps which are:

First up CLOTHING: I have so many clothes and half of them I don;t even wear anymore but for some random reason I still keep them "just incase". This was the first area I managed to do, and 4 big bagfuls later I have literally bagged up ready to give to my niece. I have only kept a few pieces of clothing that I know I will actually wear, and my next aim is to get it down to the basic 7 sets of outfits.....an outfit for everyday of the week.

This is the only clothes I now own, the bottom section of this is just a few pairs of black or dark grey leggings, as I live in leggings haha, they are the only type of bottoms I wear as I like to feel comfortable at all times. I forgot to get pictures of what it looked like before as it was only after I sorted the clothing section out, that I had the idea to make this into a five part series of blog posts. The next section I will be sorting through is all my beauty drawers, I have five drawers filled to the top with beauty and skincare products, so hopefully I will be able to get that down to just 2 or 3 drawers.


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