1 January 2019

Hello 2019 - Yearly Goals

2019, goals

So last night we all ended 2018 and celebrated the new year welcoming in 2019,
with a new year starting there always comes some yearly goals that we all would like to achieve.

So instead of looking back and reflecting on 2018 and what was good or bad about it, I am gonna look straight to the future and share with you the four goals I am setting myself for this year.....

Make First Sale On Etsy
I finally got the confidence at the end of 2018 to show people my digital drawings that I have been working on over the past couple of months, and also managed to make my first three sales offline just before Christmas. So my next goal is to make my first sale over on my Etsy store which I am still yet to get. If your interested in a digital portrait then go check out my Etsy store where they are priced at just £5.00 plus postage, it would really help me out a lot!

Less Spending, More Saving
This is something I really need to start doing this year, I am always seeing lovely things in shops and online that I "think I need" when in actual fact I don't! I want to be able to pay off both my credit card aswell as my paypal credit account by the end of 2019, I also have five drawers of beauty/skincare products that I am determined to use up before before purchasing anymore.

More Digital, Less Physical
I am slowly converting my stash of notebooks into digital format as I have eay too many unused notebooks that are just stashed away in drawers not being used. I have to 12.9 inch iPad Pro aswell as the Apple Pencil, which makes it so much easier now to be able to write using the iPad now and if I do make a mistake I can just erase it instead of ripping the page out and chucking it in the bin. I am using the app Goodnotes for my digital bullet journals now, and using the app Keynote to design my bullet journal layouts.

Grow My Blog
My aim for this year is to really take my blog to the next level, whether this be in the way of more regular blog posts and content and also to hopefully get some more experience in working with brands aswell. I've worked with a few brands in the past which I am thankful for, as this gave me ti confidence to know that I am capable of producing the content they ask for. I also have a brand new blog layout coming very soon, It's all been purchased but I am just waiting on a reply from the Etsy shop that I purchased it from as the theme doesn't seem to upload to my blog for some reason....something to do with the coding of it.


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