December Glossybox

I’m a bit late this month with my December Glossybox unboxing, it’s been a busy month and I just have had no time to sit down and write this out until now. 

I have officially done one whole year with Glossybox, which means there has also been 12 unboxing blog posts aswell. Some boxes have been really good, whereas some have just been okay boxes. I am undecided at the moment whether to do another year with Glossybox or move over and try a different monthly subscription box? What do you think?

BellaPierre Cosmetics - Shimmer Roll
I'm not usually a big fan of shimmer roll's but I love the colour of this one, at first look I thought it was going to be really "in your face" shimmer but it's actually not. It's a gorgeous golden colour that is really subtle when it goes on, I guess you could build it up if you wanted to to get more of the gold shine until your happy with it.

Imperial Leather - Unicorn Shower Gel
Back in April's Glossybox I actually received the unicorn foamburst by the brand Imperial Leather and it lasted for ages! So I was impressed to see another Imperial Leather product in this month's box, and this shower gel is already made its place in my shower and been used multiple times already.

Beauty BLVD - Divine Hydra-Gel Lip Mask
I have never heard of this brand before or even tried any sort of lip mask in fact, upon opening the packet to see what they looked like, they kind of feel a bit like jelly but in the shape of lips haha. I will definitely be giving this a try though to see what difference it makes to my lips, and if I like them enough I may purchase them again.

Doucee - Matt Lip Crayon Winterberry
I love these kind of lip crayons so I am always happy when I see one of these in the boxes, I love that you can use these to get the full colour on your lips, or to dab it on lightly just to get a slight tint on your lips. I am gonna make it my mission to try out these in a few different colours in 2019 and build up my collection of them.

Niko Pro - Liquid Jelly Blush
This is the one product in this month's box that I just ain't really keen on at all, I just don't like the texture of it at all, so I may pass this on to either one of my sisters or my oldest niece Megan. The colour of it is lovely just not the texture for me which is a shame really.

MayBeauty - The Incredible Pore Strip (extra treat)
This was an extra treat in this month's Glossybox, I love using these pore strips when I think I need them. My skin is being a nightmare at the moment so as soon as it clears itself up then I will definitely be testing these pore strips out, to see of they are better than the ones that I already currently use.

December Glossybox: Unboxing

Saturday, 29 December 2018

Monday Moments #12

Hiya I hope everyone is having a lovely December so far, and is looking forward to the rest of the Christmas period. Things have been a bit quite over on my blog just lately, due to my sisters dog going missing and everyone is out searching both day and night so there hasn’t been much time to sit down a write a blog post out.

Here is this months “Monday Moments” blog post though, and hopefully I can get back into the swing of writing more blog posts very soon.

One || I have so many movies on my Netflix watch list, but the film I have been loving just lately is called “Forever My Girl” - I’ve lost count of the amount of times that I have watched it now haha. It’s about a country singer who leave’s he’s childhood sweetheart at the alter and goes off to tour the world, 8 years later he I won’t say what happens but let me tell you it has such a lovely ending.

Two || I have near enough finished all my Christmas shopping now, there is just a few little bits left to get I actually can’t believe how organised I am this year! I haven’t actually asked for much this year as me personally think Christmas is all about the younger kids now, my nieces and nephews for example.

Three || I have just recently started designing my own digital bullet journal for next year, it’s coming together nicely so far but I still have quite a bit to add to it before it is finished completely. This is to start off what is going to be one of my new years resolutions, which is to use less paper and more digital as I have so many unused notebooks that it’s just wasting paper and money buying them.

Four || To start off my blog next year I have decided that it needs a whole brand new look, so this is something I am currently looking into aswell as coming up with ideas for blog posts that I can write up and schedule all ready for January. I really hope I can take my blog to the next level next year as there is so much I want to do with it but I've no idea how to go about it watch this space

Five || Finally at the start of this post you would have read that my sister’s dog was currently missing, he escaped out the front door on the 7th December and was missing until the 14th December - we really thought it was going to be bad news what with him being out in this horrible cold weather…..but we had a phone call to say a lovely couple saw him and had been following him for the past 2 hours until we managed to get up there. There ended up quite a few of us forming a circle and slowly closing the circle in on him….until he ran towards my mum and she told him to “lay down maxy” and he actually listened and lay down at her feet. Max is now safely back home with he’s family which I think everyone is so happy about.

Monday Moments #12

Monday, 17 December 2018