5 November 2018

Monday Moments #10

One || It's been about a week now since I changed the name of my blog, and I can honestly say it was definitely the right thing to do! I feel more confident in what my blog means to me now, without the weight of feeling like the post's I do have to reflect on what it was called before. So hopefully I can get back to enjoying blogging instead of feeling like its some kind of chore that needs to be done. I'm also hoping I can try and gain some more experience in working with some brands, I have done before but haven't for a little while now, so I have sent out some emails and will hopefully hear back even if it is just a no.

Two || I've finally tried baking something new and this time it's in the form of Banana Bread, we had some banana's that were past the point of eating normally so I thought instead of throwing them away why not search for a recipe to use them in. I then came across the banana bread recipe and noticed I had all the ingredients for it so I gave it a go......and I must say it was gorgeous, definitely something I will be making again soon!

Three || A few times a week I look after my little nephew Henry and it amazes me how well he is coming along with he's speech, he is still yet to put a full sentence together but he is saying new words everyday now. On Sunday I got him saying "ghost" and making the sound of one and I also got him to say "snake" and make the sound of that one aswell, I can't wait for the day we can have a proper full on conversation with him as he is such a little character already.

Four || I've finally got myself a iPad Pro, I’ve got the 12.9 inch screen one and so far I am loving it. I swear it’s like a mini laptop as it came with a Bluetooth keyboard aswell on the deal that I got it with. I’ve already download Pro Create as that was the one app that I really wanted, as I think this will really help me get back into my drawing and be able to do personalised products for my Etsy store.
I have also just ordered the Apple Pencil to go with the iPad, so I just need to wait for that to be delivered in the next 7 days now....I can't wait!

Five || I have a few new favourite YouTube channels that I have been loving these past couple of weeks. I used to watch quite a few beauty videos over on there, but these days I'm more about watching the daily vlogs and graphic designing videos. I just find these more interesting to watch just lately


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