If like me you are a lover of both chocolate and marzipan (more marzipan for me than chocolate), than this is definitely the hamper for you. It would also make the perfect Christmas present for someone aswell.

This particular hamper is priced at just £25.00 and is available now from - the one on the website has some different items in, but in my one I had a range of different marzipan products.

But for just £25.00 for good quality Marzipan I think you are getting exactly what you pay for, as this does taste so much better than any marzipan I have ever tried before.

Here is what is included inside the hamper that I received:

Apple Marzipan covered in Milk Chocolate
Marzipan Santa Claus
Classic Marzipan Chocolate Bar
Box Of Mini Marzipan Classics
Marzipan Stick 'n Go - Cherry
Marzipan Stick 'n Go - Walnut

If I was giving one of these hampers from family or friends, I would be more than happy with it.
My favourites out of all of these were definitely the Marzipan Stick 'n Go bars, especially the Cherry flavoured one. Inside the box of mini marzipan classics were 8 mini bars flavoured with either Espresso, Orange, Pistachio and Pineapple.

If you want to find out more about this brand then you can do so by heading on over to there Instagram page which is @niederegger_uk

I was kindly gifted this hamper, but all thoughts in this blog post are of my own, I also ended up sharing this with a family friend as I didn't think I would be able to get through it all haha.

Niederegger Marzipan - The perfect Christmas Gift

Monday, 26 November 2018

huda beauty, palmers, stylondon, chloe, wetbrush, context, skincare

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick - Girlfriend
This is a gorgeous colour and I would be a big fan of it if it wasn't this cold weather I tend to get really dry lips so anything matte wise just doesn't do it for me at all. I did pass this over to my sister to try but she also wasn't a fan of the matte look it gave either. The RRP for this is £18 so this in itself has already paid for the Glossybox subscription on it's own and a bit more on top.

Context - Micro-Derm Regenerator
I had never heard of this brand until seeing it in this month's box, so am quite interested in finding out a bit more about this brand. Skin care is really important to me after suffering years with acne and now that I have finally got it under control via medication, I like to find skincare products that ain't too harsh for me.

Palmers - Cocoa Butter Original Solid Formula
I absolutely love the smell of this but then again I could be a bit bias as I love the smell of most of the products by Palmers, my nephew is currently getting some use out of this as he has got a bit of dry skin round he's nose at the moment so I gave this to my sister to use on him to help with that for now.

Stylondon - Eaton Eyeshadow Palette
Another gorgeous eyeshadow palette, and this time from the brand Stylondon and there are 9 different shades in this which I personally think is really good for what the price of it would have been if it had been purchased in the shops on its own. It contains both matte and pearlescent that range from daytime neutrals through to autumnal bronze's. It is also a cruelty free palette which some of you will be glad to hear of.

Wetbrush - Pop Fold
I was so excited to see this in the November box as I have been wanting to try one of these brushes for so long now after seeing so many good things being said about them. This was one of the first things that I tried from the box and I definitely wasn’t disappointed, it made brushing through my hair so easy after I had washed it and I wished I had purchased one of these months ago when I first read about them.

Chloe Eau De Parfum
This was one of the extra treats in this month’s box, even though it was only a little sample size it is always nice when your giving that little something extra. I have put this with all my other perfume samples and I am sure I will be using it up over the next month or so.

November Glossybox: Unboxing

Monday, 19 November 2018

One || It's been about a week now since I changed the name of my blog, and I can honestly say it was definitely the right thing to do! I feel more confident in what my blog means to me now, without the weight of feeling like the post's I do have to reflect on what it was called before. So hopefully I can get back to enjoying blogging instead of feeling like its some kind of chore that needs to be done. I'm also hoping I can try and gain some more experience in working with some brands, I have done before but haven't for a little while now, so I have sent out some emails and will hopefully hear back even if it is just a no.

Two || I've finally tried baking something new and this time it's in the form of Banana Bread, we had some banana's that were past the point of eating normally so I thought instead of throwing them away why not search for a recipe to use them in. I then came across the banana bread recipe and noticed I had all the ingredients for it so I gave it a go......and I must say it was gorgeous, definitely something I will be making again soon!

Three || A few times a week I look after my little nephew Henry and it amazes me how well he is coming along with he's speech, he is still yet to put a full sentence together but he is saying new words everyday now. On Sunday I got him saying "ghost" and making the sound of one and I also got him to say "snake" and make the sound of that one aswell, I can't wait for the day we can have a proper full on conversation with him as he is such a little character already.

Four || I've finally got myself a iPad Pro, I’ve got the 12.9 inch screen one and so far I am loving it. I swear it’s like a mini laptop as it came with a Bluetooth keyboard aswell on the deal that I got it with. I’ve already download Pro Create as that was the one app that I really wanted, as I think this will really help me get back into my drawing and be able to do personalised products for my Etsy store.
I have also just ordered the Apple Pencil to go with the iPad, so I just need to wait for that to be delivered in the next 7 days now....I can't wait!

Five || I have a few new favourite YouTube channels that I have been loving these past couple of weeks. I used to watch quite a few beauty videos over on there, but these days I'm more about watching the daily vlogs and graphic designing videos. I just find these more interesting to watch just lately

Monday Moments #11

Monday, 5 November 2018

Week 4 of my Fitbit Versa stats, I am really enjoying doing these type of blog posts as it's definitely making me want to get up and move more during the day just so I can beat my previous week's stats.

I am only going to be counting the statistics starting on a Monday and finishing on a Friday to start with just to see how I get on with these blog posts, and if I manage to keep up with them then I may add in Saturday and Sunday at some point.

     Steps || 7,704
     Hours with 250 Steps || 6 of 9 hours
     Sleep || 6 hours and 19 minutes
     Resting Heart Rate || 91 resting bpm
     Distance || 2.57 Miles
     Calories Burned || 2,027
     Floors Climbed || 6
                        Steps || 6,773
                        Hours with 250 Steps || 6 of 9 hours
                        Sleep || 5 hours and 34 minutes
                        Resting Heart Rate || 92 resting bpm
                        Distance || 2.16 Miles
                        Calories Burned || 2,043
                        Floors Climbed || 9

     Steps || 4,347
     Hours with 250 Steps || 4 of 9 hours
     Sleep || 7 hours and 36 minutes
     Resting Heart Rate || 92 resting bpm
     Distance || 1.43 Miles
     Calories Burned || 1,802
     Floors Climbed || 5
                        Steps || 9,294
                        Hours with 250 Steps || 8 of 9 hours
                        Sleep || 5 hours and 33 minutes
                        Resting Heart Rate || 93 resting bpm 
                        Distance || 3.1 Miles 
                        Calories Burned || 2,136 
                        Floors Climbed || 5 
     Steps || 7,749
     Hours with 250 Steps || 5 of 9 hours
     Sleep || 7 Hours and 45 minutes
     Resting Heart Rate || 91 resting bpm
     Distance || 2.76 Miles
     Calories Burned || 1,015
     Floors Climbed || 6 

So overall I've done pretty well with my 5000 steps and nearly hitting the 10000 steps mark three times this week so hopefully by next week I will hit that mark at least once haha.
As for my sleeping pattern, what you see here is what my average sleep actually is and that I never actually get a full 8 hours sleep. I nearly did on Friday but woke up with 15 minutes to close yet still so far as some would say.

Fitbit Stats #4

Saturday, 3 November 2018

baking, banana, bread

If there's one thing I love to do more than anything and that is to bake, it's usually cakes and cupcakes that I bake but then there's other times when I like to challenge myself a little bit and try a recipe out that I haven't tried before.

This week I decided to try my hand out at baking some banana bread, we already had some bananas that were past the point of eating normally, well to me anyway, so I googled a recipe and ended up with a banana bread recipe. I must admit it tasted bloody lovely and is definitely something I will be making again soon!

I always start by measuring out all my ingredients into separate bowls just so that I haven't got to keep stopping and starting, it does create a bit more washing up for afterwards but I don't really mind that.

This is the first time I've embedded the recipe into a blog post, you should be able to click on it and print it direct from here, but if that doesn't work than click below to print it:

Baking: Banana Bread

Thursday, 1 November 2018