6 October 2018

Four Inspiring Instagram Accounts You Should Follow


This year has possibly seen Instagram really up it's game when it comes social media, myself personally have loved watching Instagram stories and catching up on what everyone has been getting up to behind the photo's, although I do share some bits on Instagram stories, I certainly don't make enough use of it like others do.

I have so many favorite Instagram accounts that really aspire me to create more content and also more that I like for all different reasons, some for their style of photography, some for there theme and then there's also some that end up costing me money where they share such nice stuff at bargain prices haha.

So for today's post I thought I would share just four of my favorite accounts, and ones that you should consider following.....if you don't already that is!


misseleanorjean - This Instagram account is just heaven, it's two of my favorite things all in one place being marble and rose gold items. Every now and then I see things on her account that I just absolutely love and often find myself going in search of said items, one item, in particular, was this cup the one with the three hearts on, I couldn't find the other one to match it, unfortunately.

gemellisx - This account is my all time favorite when it comes to flatlay photographs, her style of photography is just brilliant, and I know I'm not the only one who admires her photography. Everything on her Instagram just blends together perfectly, I also really like the pictures that she takes that are looking down from above as there isn't many that can make them look so put together like she does. She also has a gorgeous little boy (hope she doesn't mind me saying that), and you can tell just from pictures and her Instagram stories that she is a brilliant mum aswell!


beautykingdomuk - I love how bright and colorful her Instagram account is looking at the moment, there's always something in her photos that just make them pop and really stand out everytime. Whenever I see her style photos when I'm scrolling through Instagram, I know straight away that they are hers haha. I love the colour of her nails in this picture here, they are a very autumnal colour and perfect for this time of year.

kateballamy - This was one of the very first Instagram accounts that I started following when I first set up my blog account, and even now I still love the content that she posts regularly. Some of the photos look so put together and like everything just belongs together. If my Instagram looks anything as good as hers in the future then I would be very happy.

Hope you enjoyed having a read of the four Instagrams that inspire me to up my photography game, and maybe one day get mine looking half as good as there's!

Please leave your Instagram accounts below, as I am always on the lookout to follow more accounts that inspire me with their photos.

If you would like to check out my Instagram and follow me if its something you like you can do so by clicking here: clairejoanneblog


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