27 October 2018

Changing & Rebranding My Blog

claire joanne

If you have been a reader of my blog for some time now, you will have noticed that it is no longer called "Nail-Beauty-Life", back when I started this blog I was doing quite a lot of blog posts that were nail related and this was due to me qualifying as a Nail Technician and doing sets of nails on a daily basis for people.

For the past year I have really noticed that I hardly do those sort of posts anymore and stick mainly to Lifestyle and Beauty posts instead, so the name just didn't fit what either myself or this blog was about anymore. So I thought why not just rename my blog/social media with what really was well me, and nothing says that better than just using my name.

I've still got a few bits left to update but for the majority of it it's all complete, I've sorted my menu bar out and think I've corrected any links that were no longer working, I've also deactived my personal email address that I set up in the previous blog name as I just forgot to keep using it when replying to emails on my normal account.

I've got quite a bit planned for the blog for the rest of the year, so I do hope that you will stick around to see what's coming, but for now I will leave you with my updated social media accounts and if you would like to follow me on any of them, I will be very grateful!


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