27 October 2018

Changing & Rebranding My Blog

claire joanne

If you have been a reader of my blog for some time now, you will have noticed that it is no longer called "Nail-Beauty-Life", back when I started this blog I was doing quite a lot of blog posts that were nail related and this was due to me qualifying as a Nail Technician and doing sets of nails on a daily basis for people.

24 October 2018

October Glossybox: Unboxing

This month's Glossybox was all about everything Halloween, and they had 2 boxes available to send out when dispatch day arrived. There was a "Treat" box aswell as a "Trick" box, I was secretly hoping that I got the Treat box and luckily that is the one that arrived at my door a few days after I got the dispatch email.

11 October 2018

Natural Skincare and Haircare 101

As we get older, we realize that taking good care of our bodies is essential if we want to prolong our youthful and healthy appearance. It's true that beauty comes from within, but taking extra care of our face is more than welcome. In order to achieve that, we have to change our diet and quit bad habits, and also stick to some natural skincare products. Listed below is a roundup of some very useful au naturel products you might want to include in your beauty regime.

6 October 2018

Four Inspiring Instagram Accounts You Should Follow


This year has possibly seen Instagram really up it's game when it comes social media, myself personally have loved watching Instagram stories and catching up on what everyone has been getting up to behind the photo's, although I do share some bits on Instagram stories, I certainly don't make enough use of it like others do.

1 October 2018

My Four October Goals

october, goals

I'm going to start the month of October with a couple of monthly goals that I would like to achieve by the end of this month, and at the beginning of November I will be able to look back and see if I managed to achieve them or not. So I thought if I put them in a blog post for the world to see, then I have got to at least give myself a good go and completing them right?!
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