4 September 2018

Tricks to Stay on a Budget Every True Fashionista Should Know

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Some of you will agree that you can never put a price tag on style, but no matter how much this statement rings true among the ranks of devoted fashionistas, money does make the world go round. It also makes its temporary visitors (aka us) dress well while we’re hitching this celestial ride, so we might as well do our best to stay true to our preferences without breaking the bank.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the world of style or you just need to hinder your own seemingly endless desire to shop ‘til you drop, the listed tips are every girl’s best friend when the time comes to peruse those latest collections. So, ladies, brace yourselves and arm yourselves with these guidelines for your next shopping craze!

Update With Accessories
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A little can go a long way with outfitting for your next gala or a fancy dinner party, so even though you may feel tired of your little black dress, you can instantly bring it to life with the right add-on. Of course, you’ll say you’d love a new pair of heels to go with that dusty old dress because that will definitely make a complete transformation, right? 

However, when you cannot afford a slew of new dresses, you most likely cannot get your hands on the latest pair of Jimmy Choo’s. Look around the accessory department, or more specifically, the necklaces, bracelets, arm decorations, hair wearables and rings to expand your existing collection. Give that new layered necklace trend a go; you’d be surprised just how much a single item can spruce up a worn-out piece of clothing.

Repurpose and reuse
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How long has it been since you last put on that old, baggy hoodie of yours? Well, with the hype around athleisure recently, chances are that you still love it, but you can also turn it into an edgy piece of sportswear with a bit of scissor work and some imagination. Who says you cannot have a hooded crop top with a bit of distressed fabric around the waist? You’ll definitely create a match made in fashion heaven if you pair it with high-waisted leggings and sneakers.

Every other piece you own that you haven’t worn in a while can find its new purpose in the same way. Turn your jeans into shorts, your sweaters into mittens and scarves, your tees into a bandana, or your pants into a purse!

Mind the sales
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What you shop sure matters, but it’s equally crucial to time your purchase right, and most importantly, monitor the changes in your favorite stores. You’ll often have to be very patient and wait to buy that stunning maxi skirt when the season is about to meet its end, but it will be worth your while since you’ll likely find its price slashed in half.

Even those stylish swimsuits can come at a hefty price, so keep an eye on your favorite swimwear sale to score the best items at the lowest prices. You can expect bikinis and one-piece swimsuits with beautiful designs that will surely live on for several seasons in the future, so it will be worth the wait. The same goes for your extravagant suits and your classy ankle boots – just wait for the season to blow over, and greet the prices as they plummet.

Shop thrifty
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If you’ve never entered a thrift store, you’re bound to fall in love with the sheer variety and authentic designs you can find in these incredible shop spots. Stores that sell unique, hand-made items, second-hand stores, and little designer boutiques are all just waiting for your skilled fashionista eye to discover the next hit of the season.

For those of you who are new to the concept, it may take some time before you locate the stores that hold the type of items you’ll love, but the search will surely pay off, not just in terms of your budget, but also your sense of style. You’ll have a chance to wear some truly unique pieces with history and character, and perfect your own dressing approach in the process!

How 'bout a trade-off?
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With the help of the online world and some friendly fashionistas in your own networking circle, you can soon become the master of clothes swaps and sales of your own. The world is literally brimming with opportunities to find someone else’s hand-made t-shirt with your favorite quote, and you can exchange it for something you have no use for any longer.

This is a guest blog post by Claire in Australia

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