30 August 2018

Possibly The Best Nail Colour Duo?

tanya burr, tanya, burr, cosmetics, nails, varnish, polish
It's been so long since I sat down and gave my nails a bit of a pamper session, usually, I will sit down and get all the stuff out to do acrylics on my nails....being a qualified nail technician an all! But this time I chose to use Stiletto nails by the brand Elegant Touch, I paid £11 for a pack of 216 nails, which I think is a good price as I will get quite a lot of use out of these over the next couple of months.

I wasn't sure what colour I wanted to paint these in at first, but after going through all my nail colours, I decided to use the "pink caramel" and top coat "snow day" duo by Tanya Burr Cosmetics. I only used "snow day" on my accent nails just to break the colour up a bit and I actually quite like it now.

tanya burr, tanya, burr, cosmetics, nails, varnish, polish

The colours of these are gorgeous together, its like a dusky pink shade which I love (although I didn't like it on my nails at first) so it's not too in your face with the brightness, it's very subtle. I did have to do three coats of this on my nails to get the full colour so it didn't look streaky, but it did dry pretty quickly so I wasn't walking around having to worry about smudging my nails at all. The topcoat on the other end of this nail varnish is just a clear polish with white specks inside it, I just done this on the accent nail of each hand just to break up it up a bit and for it to look a bit different.

It's been absolutely ages since I last done my nails properly and actually liked them, these were proper pointed stiletto nails but I just filed them down a bit to give them more of a rounded square look as I just can't cope with really long pointy nails at all.

What is your favourite nail colour to wear at the moment?


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