20 August 2018

Monday Moments #9

Here's another Monday Moments blog post, I'm really enjoying doing them in this form of post, they seem much neater and well laid out compared to how they used to be. Hope you find these interesting to read as much as I enjoy writing them, I have so much planned for this blog and can't wait to see where it all goes :-) 

One || I've really been upping my Instagram content this past week, I've found a way where I can post more day to day things whilst still sticking to an overall theme that I always like to keep on top of. I have always been a fan of photos that are in black and white, so I am sticking to this over on my Instagram now but adding tiny pops of colour into the photos and so far I am really liking how it is looking.

Two || Celebrity Big Brother started again this week, and I am so hoping I can get into watching it this year as it has two of my favourite people in there which are Adam Thomas and Dan Osbourne. At the time of writing this, there have only been two episodes of it and so far I am liking it and can't wait to see how the rest of it turns out.

"If I Don't go To Sleep Now, I'll Be Tired Tomorrow" - Dan Osbourne

Three || On the 24th August I am finally going to be able to tick something off of my bucket list that I have been wanting to do for years......Longleat Safari. It may not be in a different country, but it's still a safari, myself, my sister and her husband aswell as my two nephews have booked tickets to do it, and it's gonna be an amazing experience! I'm making sure I take spare batteries for my camera so hopefully, I will be able to get some amazing pictures of all the animals.

Four || I've really started to get back into baking cakes just lately when I lived in Wales I used to bake all the time but since moving back to London I've hardly had any time at all. The one thing I've been baking a lot of lately is an old school favourite which is the Tottenham Cake, you know the one with the sponge and pink icing with sprinkles on? This takes me right back to my days in Primary School, I really want to move onto a bigger cake design but I'm still undecided on which one to do at the moment as there seems to be so many I like the actual look of.

And get ready for the very boring and adult life one....

Five || Lastly and this is going to be a very boring one and very adult worthy, we finally switched our electricity and gas suppliers over to smart meters, and moved over to Utilita to save ourselves some money. We also have changed to shopping in Morrisons to shopping in Aldi's now and are also saving some money there, you know your adulting when its more about where you can save money rather then where you can go on a weekend 😂


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