tanya burr, tanya, burr, cosmetics, nails, varnish, polish
It's been so long since I sat down and gave my nails a bit of a pamper session, usually I will sit down and get all the stuff out to do acrylics on my nails....being a qualified nail technician an all! But this time I chose to use Stiletto nails by the brand Elegant Touch, I paid £11 for a pack of 216 nails, which I think is a good price as I will get quite a lot of use out of these over the next couple of months.

I wasn't sure what colour I wanted to paint these in at first, but after going through all my nail colours, I decided to use the "pink caramel" and top coat "snow day" duo by Tanya Burr Cosmetics. I only used "snow day" on my accent nails just to break the colour up a bit and I actually quite like it now.

tanya burr, tanya, burr, cosmetics, nails, varnish, polish

The colours of these are gorgeous together, its like a dusky pink shade which I love (although I didn't like it on my nails at first) so it's not too in your face with the brightness, it's very subtle. I did have to do three coats of this on my nails to get the full colour so it didn't look streaky, but it did dry pretty quickly so I wasn't walking around having to worry about smudging my nails at all. The topcoat on the other end of this nail varnish is just a clear polish with white specks inside it, I just done this on the accent nail of each hand just to break up it up a bit and for it to look a bit different.

It's been absolutely ages since I last done my nails properly and actually liked them, these were proper pointed stiletto nails but I just filed them down a bit to give them more of a rounded square look as I just can't cope with really long pointy nails at all.

What is your favourite nail colour to wear at the moment?

Possibly The Best Nail Colour Duo?

Thursday, 30 August 2018

I heard so many good things about this box this month, and also some pretty negative reviews on it, but I decided to wait until I had received the august box before making any judgement on it at all. I received my box quite late this month for some reason, it was practically sat at the Croydon Mail Center for a good 3 days before they decided to even deliver it haha.

The only thing I wasn't too impressed with in this month's Glossybox was the tattoo's.....there ok if your a teenager aged 13-16, but I'm 32 and I won't be using those anytime soon.

Rimmel London - Ink Me Stamp and Sticker Tattoo's
This is one of the products that came as a set in this month's Glossybox, a Ink Stamp and Sticker Tattoo set. I won't be using the sticker tattoo's, I will stick to my real tattoo's haha and the heart shaped ink stamp will come in handy to use for my scrapbook and even my bullet journal every now and then to save it going to waste.

Victoria's Secret Pink - Selfie Skin Nourishing Sheet Mask
I love me a good face mask and will be trying this out in the next week or so, I have so many face masks stashed away in my drawers at the moment so I always have one when I am in need of it. I have never tried one by Victoria's Secret before, so it will be interesting as to how my skin reacts to it.

Trifle Cosmetics - Lip and Cheek Jam
I actually like the sound of this, it does remind me of something I would of purchased at The Body Shop when I was younger.....maybe that's why I like the sound of it. I'm glad I get to try another product from Trifle Cosmetics as I didn't know anything about them before Glossybox,  I love the style of packaging on this aswell with the little dropper to dispense the product.

Kaleido Cosmetics - Astrolight Highlighter
Absolutely love the colour of this highlighter in a gorgeous rose gold colour, and a little bit of this really does go a long way, its very pigmented so even though it is only a 4ml bottle, you will definitely get quite a lot of use out of this. Kaleido Cosmetics is another brand that I have found out about through Glossybox, and hope to see more of there products in future boxes soon!

3INA - The Shadow Paint 703
Blue eyeshadow.....erm yeah enough said about that haha. I don't think I will ever use this as its a bit too out there for me and definitely way too colourful for me aswell. This may well just stay in my drawer for photographic purposes unless I can find some other use for it, but yeah definitely not one for me anytime soon.

If you would like to receive 20% off your first Glossybox then click HERE 

August Glossybox: Unboxing

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Here's another Monday Moments blog post, I'm really enjoying doing them in this form of post, they seem much more neater and well laid out compared to how they used to be. Hope you find these interesting to read as much as I enjoy writing them, I have so much planned for this blog and can't wait to see where it all goes :-) 

One || I've really been upping my Instagram content this past week, I've found a way where I can post more day to day things whilst still sticking to an overall theme that I always like to keep on top of. I have always been a fan of photos that are in black and white, so I am sticking to this over on my Instagram now but adding tiny pops of colour into the photos and so far I am really liking how it is looking.

Two || Celebrity Big Brother started again this week, and I am so hoping I can get into watching it this year as it has two of my favourite people in there which are Adam Thomas and Dan Osbourne. At the time of writing this there has only been two episodes of it and so far I am liking it and can't wait to see how the rest of it turns out.

"If I Don't go To Sleep Now, I'll Be Tired Tomorrow" - Dan Osbourne

Three || On the 24th August I am finally going to be able to tick something off of my bucket list that I have been wanting to do for years......Longleat Safari. It may not be in a different country, but its still a safari, myself, my sister and her husband aswell as my two nephews have booked tickets to do it, and it's gonna be an amazing experience! I'm making sure I take spare batteries for my camera so hopefully I will be able to get some amazing pictures of all the animals.

Four || I've really started to get back into baking cakes just lately, when I lived in Wales I used to bake all the time but since moving back to London I've hardly had any time at all. The one thing I've been baking a lot of lately is an old school favourite which is the Tottenham Cake, you know the one with sponge and pink icing with sprinkles on? This takes me right back to my days in Primary School, I really want to move onto a bigger cake design but I'm still undecided on which one to do at the moment as there seems to be so many I like the actual look of.

And get ready for the very boring and adult life one....

Five || Lastly and this is going to be a very boring one and very adult worthy, we finally switched our electricity and gas suppliers over to smart meters, and moved over to Utilita to save ourselves some money. We also have changed to shopping in Morrisons to shopping in Aldi's now and are also saving some money there, you know your adulting when its more about where you can save money rather then where you can go on a weekend 😂

Monday Moments #9

Monday, 20 August 2018

Week 3 of my Fitbit Versa stats, I am really enjoying doing these type of blog posts as it's definitely making me want to get up and move more during the day just so I can beat my previous week's stats.

I am only going to be counting the statistics starting on a Monday and finishing on a Friday to start with just to see how I get on with these blog posts, and if I manage to keep up with them then I may add in Saturday and Sunday at some point.

     Steps || 5,493
     Hours with 250 Steps || 4 of 9 hours
     Sleep || 7 hours and 4 minutes
     Resting Heart Rate || 87 resting bpm
     Distance || 1.85 Miles
     Calories Burned || 1,918
     Floors Climbed || 9
                        Steps || 8,085
                        Hours with 250 Steps || 6 of 9 hours
                        Sleep || 7 hours and 15 minutes
                        Resting Heart Rate || 90 resting bpm
                        Distance || 2.78 Miles
                        Calories Burned || 2,095
                        Floors Climbed || 11
     Steps || 4,026
     Hours with 250 Steps || 5 of 9 hours
     Sleep || 7 hours
     Resting Heart Rate || 89 resting bpm
     Distance || 1.26 Miles
     Calories Burned || 1,846
     Floors Climbed || 9
                        Steps || 4,701
                        Hours with 250 Steps || 3 of 9 hours
                        Sleep || 6 hours and 2 minutes
                        Resting Heart Rate || 91 resting bpm 
                        Distance || 1.39 Miles 
                        Calories Burned || 1,867 
                        Floors Climbed || 8 
     Steps || 5,986
     Hours with 250 Steps || 5 of 9 hours
     Sleep || 5 Hours and 35 minutes
     Resting Heart Rate || 93 resting bpm
     Distance || 1.87 Miles
     Calories Burned || 1,689
     Floors Climbed || 4 

Judging by sleeping pattern this week, I think I'm finally back on track with getting a decent nights sleep which is a good thing. My steps still ain't nowhere near as good as they could be, but that's because I'm still in quite a bit of pain from the muscles seizing up in my back. My best day this week for steps was a Tuesday which is unusual for me, as it's normally one of the days when I have my nephew for the day which is Thursday's, Friday's and Sundays.

Fitbit Stats #3

Saturday, 18 August 2018

lacura, aldi, mudmask, exfoliating

I've been looking for a new face mask for a little while now but just couldn't decide which one I wanted to try, that was until I saw this particular one which kept appearing on people's Instagram stories, the Exfoliating MudMask by the brand Lacura.

So after finding out it was from Aldi, I headed down to my local aldi store in search for it and luckily they still had a few left....usually Aldi sell out really quickly when it comes to these kind of products.

This particular mud mask is supposedly a dupe for GlamGlow's SuperMud Clearing Treatment which is selling on the Boots website for £42 - Whereas the Aldi's version of it is priced at just £ that's what you call a bargain!

Keep reading to find out what I thought of this product after I used it for the first time....
lacura, aldi, mudmask, exfoliating
So after getting home and doing the bits around the house that needed doing, around 7pm I decided to try out the mud mask. Due to this hot weather my skin seems to be getting quite oily during the day so I needed something to help my skin feel clean and fresh again, there's nothing worse then when your skin just feels horrible and dirty. So I started off by making sure my face was clean by using my trusted Simple facial wash, I swear by this product as it doesn't break me out at all, then I made sure my face was completely dry before applying the mud mask.

I applied the mud mask to my face evenly by using a thin flat brush that I got with something I brought a couple of months ago, I'm not a fan of applying masks to my face using my fingers anymore so always use a brush if I can. I then left the product to work its magic for the full 10 minutes, by the end of the 10 minutes my face was feeling rather stiff where the product had tightened as it had dried. I don't mind this though as that tells me the product is actually working!

My face felt so soft after using this mudmask and when I woke up the next morning my skin didn't feel in the slightest bit oily, it just felt clean and fresh. On the box it came in it does say only use 1-2 times a week which I am going to be doing, usually I don't listen to the instructions and always use most days, but this time I will actually listen haha.

Have you tried this?
If so what were your thoughts on it?

Lacura Exfoliating Mud Mask

Monday, 13 August 2018

Photo by João Silas on Unsplash

It’s no secret that trends change year in and year out; some stick around to tell a tad longer tale, but most of them fizzle out once the new trends hit the runway. Of course, trends are here for a reason – to be enjoyed and flaunted for a certain period of time, and then benched until they come back in style, because if fashion’s history has taught us anything, it’s that everything comes back eventually. Who would have guessed that rocking a fanny pack would be a thing again, but yet it is. So, as per usual, who do we turn to when it comes to the latest ‘it’ trends – aside from supermodels? Fashion bloggers and influencers of course, so let’s dig in and find a few new obsessions of our own.

When In Rome...
Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash

In our case, Rome is summer, and whether you’re heading to an exotic beach destination or simply finding some body of water to take a dip in nearby, you’re going to want to make an addition to your swimsuit collection. Apparently, whether you’re into tiny bikinis, retro high-waist bikinis or even one-piece swimsuits, the one trend that almost all fashion influencers have gone berserk about is the belted swimsuit. It can most commonly be spotted in a contrasting hue for that extra pop, and since it does give each woman the illusion of a smaller waist and that coveted hourglass figure, why not give it a try?

Dress Them Up
Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Emma Hill and her almost French-looking effortless style will definitely give you fashion envy, but the thing to love about her is that she doesn’t resort to pricey items only. This woman has that special power of combining, let’s say, that perfect pair of womens jeans, a frilly blouse, and then take things up a notch with a designer bag and trendy shoes. We love the fact the ‘dressy jeans look’ is back in style, and it seems so easy to mix such a cool and casual garment with high-end chic accessories for an amazing yet down-to-earth look.

Two In One
Photo by Paulius Dragunas on Unsplash
When it comes to the art of statement dressing, pops of color and even color-blocking skills, the super fun and incredibly playful style of Ada Oguntodu is the one to watch. In just one of her outfits, she gave us not one, but two of the latest influencers’ obsessions – colorful resort stripes and belted bags. We know that belted bags are super affordable now, as the trend has been adopted by fast-fashion retailers as well, and stripes are popping up at every corner so we have no doubt that you’ll be able to snag both of these trendy items, and at a good price at that.

Bags Of Summer
Photo by Artem Bali on Unsplash
If you want to take a cue from influencers, as well as Pinterest where these types of bags have been pinned more times than we can count, a woven bag will become your next obsession. Whether it’s a tote or a closed rattan bag, you simply have to have it because the gorgeous Aria Di Bari is just one of the numerous influencers who hasn’t been able to resist rocking this bag. The best thing about this bag is that you can rock it with not only casual outfits and frilly sundresses, but also create an interesting and contrasting look by pairing this with something even more serious and chic like a power suit or culottes with stiletto sandals.

Take A Hint From The Veterans
Susie Lau is one of the fashion blog pioneers, who started her blog way back in 2006. Her Instagram feed displays items that us mere mortals could never wear in real life – pom-pom fringe dresses and jackets, but there is one thing she’s also been crazy about that we could totally pull off – patchwork dresses. The patchwork trend was huge in the spring/summer runways, and as we can see, it’s totally wearable. The most convenient thing about this type of dressing is the fact that you don’t have to go to great lengths in order to make a statement – just wear one patchwork item, be it a dress, a vest or a trench coat, and you’ve already made your mark.

The Final Touches
One of the bloggers who doesn’t get nearly as much attention as she should is the adorable, messy bun-wearing mom Steffy. The first thing we can learn from her is to find our signature color and rock it until we drop. Her favorite color belongs in the orange family, so whether she’s rocking bright, muted or burnt orange shoes, tops, purses or even orange-framed glasses, her love for the color is consistent and real. Now, aside from this lesson, one more thing we need to stock up on is headbands! Steffy makes them look so adorable, and the truth is, they flatter almost everyone, even girls with cute pixie cuts who don’t have large messy buns, so go find your signature color and then go hunting for those headbands.

This is a guest blog post by Claire in Australia

Instagram Influencers Lastest Obsessions

Monday, 6 August 2018

fitbit versa, fitbit, health, exercise, statistics

Week 2 of my fitbit versa stats, I couldn't publish this last week as I literally couldn't walk at all without being in pain due to the muscles in my back seizing up on one side. Hence the reason I am doing these every 2 weeks now just so there is still a bit of variety on my blog with different posts.

I am only going to be counting the statistics starting on a Monday and finishing on a Friday to start with just to see how I get on with these blog posts, and if I manage to keep up with them then I may add in Saturday and Sunday at some point.

     Steps || 2,364
     Hours with 250 Steps || 2 of 9 hours
     Sleep || 5 hours and 33 minutes
     Resting Heart Rate || 86 resting bpm
     Distance || 0.78 Miles
     Calories Burned || 1,701
     Floors Climbed || 3
                        Steps || 5,299
                        Hours with 250 Steps || 6 of 9 hours
                        Sleep || 5 hours and 41 minutes
                        Resting Heart Rate || 86 resting bpm
                        Distance || 1.6 Miles
                        Calories Burned || 1,969
                        Floors Climbed || 10
     Steps || 6,615
     Hours with 250 Steps || 6 of 9 hours
     Sleep || 7 hours and 13 minutes
     Resting Heart Rate || 86 resting bpm
     Distance || 2.21 Miles
     Calories Burned || 1,927
     Floors Climbed || 6
                        Steps || 6,440
                        Hours with 250 Steps || 7 of 9 hours
                        Sleep || 6 hours and 47 minutes
                        Resting Heart Rate || 86 resting bpm 
                        Distance || 2.02 Miles 
                        Calories Burned || 2,045 
                        Floors Climbed || 7 
     Steps || 6,130
     Hours with 250 Steps || 6 of 9 hours
     Sleep || 5 Hours and 35 minutes
     Resting Heart Rate || 87 resting bpm
     Distance || 2.3 Miles
     Calories Burned || 2,005
     Floors Climbed || 8 

So looking back on my week, surprising again Wednesday was the best day for the amount of steps that I managed to do despite the pain I was in. When it comes to sleep, I had the most sleep on Wednesday and Thursday and shall I tell you why.......Diazepam that's why haha. This is just one of the medication the doctor has put me on for my back and within half hour of taking it, I'm out like a light and there is no waking me until the morning!

A Week Of Fitbit Versa Stats #2

Saturday, 4 August 2018

I've been debating about this type of blog post for quite a few month's now, but wasn't too sure how to write it or how it would come across to other people, so I'm just going to go with it and see how it turns out.

I've had what they call Social Anxiety since I was about 3......
I'm 32 now........

What is Social Anxiety?
Social Anxiety disorder is sometimes called social phobia, Social Anxiety disorder is not just shyness, it is more severe than this. With social anxiety disorder you become very anxious about what other people may think of you, or how they may judge you.

- Shyness around people you don't know or don't see often (including some family members)
- Anxious around people you don't know or who ain't family
- Hate having to go out on your own, even just to walk the dog
- Not able to order for yourself when going out for food
- Hate speaking on the phone and would rather text or whatsapp instead
- A marked fear of dread when having to attend a social situation 

My Experience With Social Anxiety

These are just a few of many things that can affect you in your day to day life and living with Social Anxiety, but for me just these listed are only a few of what affect me and have done for years!
I'm unable to attend any social events that I would be invited to, due to not being able to travel alone. It leaves me missing out on so much that I would possible love to achieve, and I mean alot!

By now I would have loved to have passed my driving test (I had quite a few lessons, and also done my theory test), I then failed my theory by just 3 points. Since I failed that I haven't had any more lessons, as I can't bring myself to go and do the theory again and fail for the second time.

I left school halfway through year 10 as I just couldn't cope with it anymore, so left with no GCSE's and I would have loved to have gone on to college and then university, but I just couldn't do it due to how bad my Social Anxiety had gotten by then.

Blogging Has Helped

Since I started up my blog back in 2015 it has helped me quite a bit, in the last few month's I have really been trying to get my confidence up. For example a year or so ago I would have never even thought about emailing different brands about possible collabs or if was possible to be added to their pr lists, for fear of being rejected and told no!

Now though I will happily send emails, and reply to emails with confidence, I have also started commenting more on other blogs and Instagram posts aswell. Interacting with others doesn't come easy to me and it never has done, but slowly I am aiming to improve on this one day at a time, and hopefully my confidence will start to grow from there.

Wow this post got a bit long didn't it!

If you are still here reading this then I just want to say a big thankyou for sticking around until the end of this blog post. I've had the first line of this blog post sat in my draft's for a good couple of months now as I couldn't bring myself to finish it off and actually publish it, until now!

What Social Anxiety Really Feels Like!

Wednesday, 1 August 2018