30 August 2018

Possibly The Best Nail Colour Duo?

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It's been so long since I sat down and gave my nails a bit of a pamper session, usually, I will sit down and get all the stuff out to do acrylics on my nails....being a qualified nail technician an all! But this time I chose to use Stiletto nails by the brand Elegant Touch, I paid £11 for a pack of 216 nails, which I think is a good price as I will get quite a lot of use out of these over the next couple of months.

28 August 2018

August Glossybox: Unboxing

I heard so many good things about this box this month, and also some pretty negative reviews on it, but I decided to wait until I had received the August box before making any judgment on it at all. I received my box quite late this month for some reason, it was practically sat at the Croydon Mail Center for a good 3 days before they decided to even deliver it haha.

20 August 2018

Monday Moments #9

Here's another Monday Moments blog post, I'm really enjoying doing them in this form of post, they seem much neater and well laid out compared to how they used to be. Hope you find these interesting to read as much as I enjoy writing them, I have so much planned for this blog and can't wait to see where it all goes :-) 

18 August 2018

Fitbit Stats #3

Week 3 of my Fitbit Versa stats, I am really enjoying doing these type of blog posts as it's definitely making me want to get up and move more during the day just so I can beat my previous week's stats.

I am only going to be counting the statistics starting on a Monday and finishing on a Friday to start with just to see how I get on with these blog posts, and if I manage to keep up with them then I may add in Saturday and Sunday at some point.

13 August 2018

Lacura Exfoliating Mud Mask

lacura, aldi, mudmask, exfoliating

I've been looking for a new face mask for a little while now but just couldn't decide which one I wanted to try, that was until I saw this particular one which kept appearing on people's Instagram stories, the Exfoliating MudMask by the brand Lacura.

So after finding out it was from Aldi, I headed down to my local Aldi store in search for it and luckily they still had a few left....usually Aldi sell out really quickly when it comes to these kinds of products.

6 August 2018

Instagram Influencers Lastest Obsessions

Photo by JoĆ£o Silas on Unsplash

It’s no secret that trends change year in and year out; some stick around to tell a tad longer tale, but most of them fizzle out once the new trends hit the runway. Of course, trends are here for a reason – to be enjoyed and flaunted for a certain period of time, and then benched until they come back in style because if fashion’s history has taught us anything, it’s that everything comes back eventually. Who would have guessed that rocking a fanny pack would be a thing again, but yet it is. So, as per usual, who do we turn to when it comes to the latest ‘it’ trends – aside from supermodels? Fashion bloggers and influencers of course, so let’s dig in and find a few new obsessions of our own.

4 August 2018

A Week Of Fitbit Versa Stats #2

fitbit versa, fitbit, health, exercise, statistics

Week 2 of my Fitbit versa stats, I couldn't publish this last week as I literally couldn't walk at all without being in pain due to the muscles in my back seizing up on one side. Hence the reason I am doing these every 2 weeks now just so there is still a bit of variety on my blog with different posts.

1 August 2018

What Social Anxiety Really Feels Like!

I've been debating about this type of blog post for quite a few month's now, but wasn't too sure how to write it or how it would come across to other people, so I'm just going to go with it and see how it turns out.

I've had what they call Social Anxiety since I was about 3......
I'm 32 now........
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