30 July 2018

Monday Moments #8

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Well hello there this is bit of a different style to my previous "Monday Moments" blog posts ain't it? I was starting to find my old style of these post's were getting a bit predictable with the thing's I had been loving. So I've decided to make these posts into five things that I have done in the past week, let me know if you prefer them this way, as I always like to get feedback on my blog.

One || I've been on medication this past week as all the muscles at the bottom of my back decided to seize up, so I've been in so much pain and am currently on Naproxen aswell as Diazepam just to help with the pain 😔. The only good thing to come out of this is the Diazepam help me sleep of a night time, so I've been getting a good 7-8 hours sleep unlike my usual 4 hours a night.

Two || I finally got around to setting up my blog email address (claire@nailbeautylife.co.uk), I've been meaning to do this since I signed up for my blog domain and finally got round to doing it. It is costing me £3.99 a month which is not bad, I decided to set it up as I really want to up my blogging game and think a personal email address looks a bit more professional, oh and I also renewed my domain for another year!

Three || I've found a new show on Netflix that I've become addicted to watching, its a Netflix exclusive and it's called Sugar Rush. It's a baking show where there is three rounds and four teams of two that are all competing against each other, there are given a theme they have to base there cakes around and at the end of the show, one team wins $10,000. Some of the cakes they make are amazing, I wish I had their talent!

Four || How nice has all this hot weather been that we have been having just lately! It's been so nice not to constantly have rain, instead we get hot weather for a couple of weeks. The only downside to it is that it has killed all the flowers in our newly done back garden, but that just gives us an excuse to go and buy all new flowers very soon. The last two days though we have had some rain which has cooled it right down a bit, but I'm ready for the hot weather to come back again now.

Five || Lastly this past week I have gone through my BlogLovin account and un-followed all the blogs that haven't been updated in about a year, so I've been looking for new blogs to follow as my account on there seems pretty bare now and I need some new reading material. If you want me to check out your blog then be sure to leave me a comment below, and I will head on over and have a good read of it.


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